A new way to think about web design solutions

Reflect on the last time you searched for something online, only to discover that their website was old-fashioned and just – aesthetically unpleasing. Did you leave the website after realising how ugly and difficult it was to navigate?

Many people don’t find the need to change their homepage design because they’ve had it for awhile – and at one of point, it happened to work! However, what they don’t realise is that the failure to adapt to the rapid changes in our digital world could lead to massive problems in the future. Therefore, we must constantly be on our toes and develop new ways of thinking in order to develop new web design solutions. 

So why should you think of new ways to design a website?

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Mobile App Developers

Mobile app developing companies have the knowledge and skills to deliver world class mobile application development services. They excel with confidence to churn out some of the coolest mobile apps. However, creating a flawless mobile website is not an easy task. Mobile app development is far too complex and in depth for a simple perfect solution to exist.

The number of mobile users worldwide touched 4.43 billion in 2015, and the figure is expected to reach 5.07 billion by 2019. The rise of mobile usage has also resulted in a surge in demand and supply of mobile apps. However, expecting a free ride by conjuring up a namesake app is asking for trouble. Immersing yourself in the various screen sizes, framework intricacies, and dependencies can leave your head spinning. There are vast categories of smartphone and tablet apps in the market today that educate, enhance and engage users in multiple ways. For example, camera applications that take flawless pictures, finance apps manages our expenditure, or fitness apps that track our daily exercise. Mobile app developers have no option these days but to roll out mobile apps that are successful and competitive. Which means your app needs to be of high quality and have a high degree of user adoption.

Here we have prepared for you a quick cheat sheet to make sure you’re on the right track to creating the perfect mobile app!

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3 Tips for a Successful POS Implementation

If you own a restaurant or a café, a POS (or Point of Sale) system is something that can ease your daily operations by reducing paperwork and tracking inventory. A POS system is one that is designed to save your time on entering customer and orders data, purchases and overall managing business. A POS system is more convenient than a simple cash register: it can handle transactions beyond cash and credit card sales.

So how do you start choosing the right POS system or your business?

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10 Tips To Create Traffic-Generating Video Content!

Colours, objects moving around, different types of background, these are all the things that you get to see when watching a video and are sure to capture your attention. People do not mind spending a few minutes going through a video as compared to reading a 2 page long article about your content. This is because when creating a video one is sure to include all relevant and useful information that people can be easily grasped in that 1-3 minutes video. So what goes in and what doesn’t go in when creating a video content? Here are some things to consider when creating video content;

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Ultimate Cross-Platform Mobile Development Optimising Tools

The mobile application market has been elevated – increasing by 58 percent since 2015 with mobile users spending at least 100 percent more time with their handset. The development of a mobile app is an ongoing process. Due to the ever-changing nature of the mobile device industry where different mobile phones are often launched with new features, mobile app developers need to ensure that their app works on the maximum number of devices. It is definitely not practical for developers to make different apps for the different systems mobile devices run on. Developers now develop cross-platform mobile apps – allowing them to not only save time but costs too!

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7 Misconceptions To Bury For A Successful Mobile App

The mobile app market is extremely saturated. Therefore, many circumstances may result in the failure of a mobile app. If a user finds a particular mobile application difficult to use or had an unpleasant experience with the app due to its aesthetics, the user will most likely install a new application rather than stick to the current application. One of the most common reasons why mobile apps fail is due to the failure to attract users through design and maintaining consistency during the lifespan of the app.
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Make Your Mobile App Make Money For You!

They always say that there are a million and one ways to make money. In the 21st century, with the existence of mobile apps, we have now realised that it is more than possible to make money with a mobile app. The mobile market has grown substantially over the years and industry experts predict massive growth for the years to come. An app done right has all the potential in the world to make your money for you.

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10 Inspiring Quotes on Mobile App Design

As more and more people embrace the smartphone age, the number of consumers online continues to multiply each day. Mobile app would help put your business in your customer’s pockets. A report from Flurry indicated that in 2014, 86% of times spent online via smartphones are spent using apps. A mobile developer helps and creates opportunities for companies in building your own app, app maker and mobile apps download. In 2017, the global mobile application market will reach $ 77 billion and continue its growth. With multiple app monetization strategies and the growing adoption of smart gadgets, apps have become a new channel of customer acquisition.

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The Best Way To Approach A Mobile App Redesign


Changes are necessary and it is of utmost importance to focus on exactly what it is that needs to be changed. If a mobile app development company is in the process of a redesign, they obviously already know that something isn’t working. Before making changes, however, it is important to determine exactly what the problems are before altering something that might have been working. The first thing to understand is; why is the app being redesigned?

The team here at ThunderQuote wants to help you determine the problems and figure out the best way to approach your mobile app redesign. It is a stressful project to work on so we wanted to list down the ways you could best approach it so that it turns into a great experience for you and your team.

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14 Deadly Myths and Misconceptions About Mobile App Design

One of the main highlights found in the growth of smartphones has been the development of apps that make smartphones smarter. The mobile app development industry has seen tremendous growth in the recent times. Even though there has been continuous growth of mobile phone industry, there are a number of misconceptions about mobile application design that are holding some businesses back. We have seen companies not performing due to unfavorable results as well as companies failing to see their projected Return on Investment (ROI). This will directly attribute to these misconceptions.

Therefore, today, the team here at ThunderQuote wants to put forward those misconceptions and help you understand the world of mobile app design a little bit better!

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