The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Website That is Optimised For A Mobile Browser

Almost everyone around you owns a smartphone and might spend at least 90 minutes on their phone per day as an average amount. That is a significant amount of time staring at the screen of your telephone without counting in the extra time you spend staring at the computer or the tv. However, that sounds like a good things for digital marketers because according to a study by Movable Ink, more than half of all emails – a full 65 percent – are accessed via mobile devices. This just means that a lot of people use their phones for emails and everything else in between. More and more people are choosing their mobile devices as their primary means for communication and web browsing.

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Learn How To Set Up Your Website Design Business and Be Successful At It


Being in a digital age, especially now, the internet has turned into our saviour and it’s become a great source of income to a lot of people now. Creating a successful business is not easy but what’s even harder is starting an online business for creating websites. You are basically creating an online business to help others build their company websites or a blog or maybe even a hosting website.

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5 Easy Steps To Setting Up A Successful Online Business In Singapore


With the ever increasing prices of rent and total cost of maintaining a business in Singapore, a lot of business owners are now turning to the online world. The attraction to starting an online business instead is well understood. It seems like a much easier way to set up shop and actually make a proper living out of it. By reducing your retail space, you will then in turn reduce your overhead cost of running your business. It seems like a great bargain doesn’t it?

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Strategic Sourcing I

In an earlier article (Procurement As A Change Program, 17th November 2016), we highlighted that Sourcing is a pertinent function of Procurement. We will now provide our point of view on the Sourcing function.

Mention “sourcing” and the majority of us will pride ourselves as the ‘experts’ in finding the good deal during our weekly grocery shopping or the occasional splurge on tech gadgets from online sites. Likewise, many management teams may consider their insistence on securing three (or five) supplier quotes prior to purchasing as a good practice in sourcing. On the contrary, the art and science of Strategic Sourcing is more than just the examples stated here. The efforts required from Strategic Sourcing is far more intense than just comparing the battery life of a smartphone, or the receiving of three quotes from the open market.

In the latest publication of the eminent research on procurement practices (CPO Rising 2016- The Art and Science of Procurement, Ardent Partners, June 2016), Best-in-Class procurement and sourcing organisations deliver results which are 12% higher in returned value (Actual savings), and lower their contractual risks by almost 30% (Spend that is contract compliant) when compared to all other organisations. So what are the traits and mechanisms of Strategic Sourcing that these Best-in-Class procurement organisations seem to have mastered?


Strategic Sourcing is NOT…

As stated earlier, it is common for organisations and management teams to regard their dogmatic practice of insisting on three (up to five) quotations to support purchasing decisions as a form of sourcing. This practice of requesting for price quotations from suppliers is aimed to establish a ‘fair market value’ or ‘benchmark price’ for the required purchases. And with limited rounds of negotiations ensuing before a buying decision is made, this practice gives one an impression that there are cost savings and value to be derived from it. As the process can be executed with minimum effort and manpower, it further supports the impression that “sourcing” is carried out efficiently and all is well with the practice.

It does not take a stretch of imagination to anticipate that this process is easily manipulated to favour an incumbent or preferred supplier. And there are numerous incidents and court cases to support this conclusion. Regardless of the criminal cases associated with this practice, the process of establishing the fair market value for purchases has its merits and is best left for the ad-hoc purchases of supplies and services. To limit the potential risks of buyer-supplier collusion, the process could be restricted to low-value purchases or commodities as defined by the organisation. For now, we shall call this practice Tactical sourcing or Spot-buying.


Strategic Sourcing IS…

Having defined tactical sourcing, we now look at strategic sourcing. A number of organisations, individuals and academics have provided definitions of strategic sourcing. A simple search for “strategic sourcing” on the Internet will yield many results. We look at a handful of definitions here:

“A method of managing procurement processes for an organization in which procedures, methods and sources are constantly re-evaluated to optimize value to the organization. Strategic sourcing, which is considered a key aspect of supply chain management, involves elements such as examination of purchasing budgets, the landscape of the supply market, negotiation with suppliers, and periodic assessments of supply transactions.” – Business Dictionary

“Strategic Sourcing is an organised and collaborative approach to leveraging targeted spend across locations with selected suppliers that are best suited to create knowledge and value in the customer-supplier interface.” – Robert J. Engel, The Procurement Centre (2004)

“Strategic Sourcing is an approach to procurement whereby the business needs of the organisation are matched with the supplier market. It is much more than simply centralizing procurement. The approach is founded on a detailed understanding of both the spend profile of the organisation as well as the supplier market. This understanding is continually updated in order to deliver ongoing improvements to the organisation’s sourcing and procurement performance.” – Purchasing Insight

Whichever way we look at it, it is clear that Strategic Sourcing encompasses the following:

  •  An organised and disciplined approach to manage bought-in supplies for an organisation.
  • Leverages the aggregated and combined spend across an organisation.
  • Involves analysis and understanding of an organisation’s spend pattern and demands (from purchasing budgets).
  • Analyses the suppliers landscape and supply patterns.
  • Selection and negotiation with the right suppliers with ongoing assessments to ensure continuing relevance.
  • Focus on creating knowledge and value from the business relationship for continuous improvements.


In other mentions and definitions of strategic sourcing, the following aspects are included:

  • Adopt the right technology for enhanced results.
  • Teams of experts and specialists in commodities and supply markets.
  • Right skillsets and motivation of sourcing personnel.
  • Sourcing strategies and remedial actions to counter changes and shifts in global economics.
  • Trusted advisers and partners of business executives.


We shall examine some of these aspects of strategic sourcing in our next articles. But for now, it is useful to reiterate the stark difference of Strategic Sourcing from a common practice often regarded as Sourcing.


Looking for Clients? 7 Ways to Market Your Consulting Business

Credits: David Anderson & Associates

The consulting industry is rapidly changing in the way it communicates with its clients. You may feel like you have an unlimited number of competitors in this industry and so many ways to market and reach out to your clients. However, you’re limited by resources, time and money.

Based on our own research and experience in the consulting industry, we came up with 7 optimal marketing strategies for your consulting business.


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Do happier customers really translate to higher sales?



Do happier customers translate to higher sales is the question we often ask. Is customer happiness really worth it? Yes it does! It is revealed that 78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience according to an American Express survey. That is more than 3/4 of your customer base gone just like that and huge amounts of sales gone like that. Therefore to not lose these precious sales dollars, companies need to retain and attract new customers by improving their technological solutions for customers to be continually engaged with the brand.

A technology small businesses can tap on is to create a customer service portal where customers can have direct contact with the organization without the need to rely on expensive call support staffs. Through this portal, customers can track their purchase and enquire on an issue they are facing with a recent purchase and other services to improve satisfaction and repeated purchases with your customer.
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4 SEO Tips To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

With the proliferation of internet, information has become more accessible than ever. Everyday we are bombarded with tons of information and this has turned us into a society that is of short attention span. Let’s be honest. When browsing on Google, I am pretty sure none of us look past the first page. Even looking past the first 5 links is rare.

Therefore, if you want your blog article to be seen by your target audience, you have to make sure it is ranked high on the first page of Google.

Want to drive more traffic to your blog but have no idea how to go about it? Look no further for I have 4 Search Engine Optimising (SEO) tips to drive more traffic to your blog.

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Types Of Corporate Videos That We Feel Will Boost Your Brand Marketing


Video marketing is an old form of marketing but it has been rejuvenated and brought about again in a new light in the digital age. Nowadays there are so many types of marketing that most people might have forgotten the good old corporate video marketing and how useful it has been. When it comes to good and solid video marketing, you should cover all your bases and a good corporate video is something you should definitely invest in.

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