Increase Traffic With These Essential Mobile Marketing Tactics

Mobile phone usage have been increasing over the past few years. According to Statistics Portal, there is an estimated 4.77 billion people will own or currently own a mobile device. This just goes to show just how pivotal and widespread using mobile channel to gain market shares will be. With information available at our fingertips, people are increasingly performing local searches on their mobile devices several times a day.

Here’s how you can optimise mobile marketing for your business

Create a mobile version to optimise user’s experience

In order to improve your customer’s experience, you can optimise your website for mobile search. Statistics show that 79% of smartphone owners use their device to research locally. It is therefore crucial for location-based businesses to have a mobile friendly website.

Make sure your website is built with a responsive and adaptive design that detects the device on which it is being accessed, using the same URL, rather than having independent sites for each device. Next, think about the information mobile users may be looking for. Example location, contact information, price, etc. and make this information readily available on your site. Design your site so that users can move through it quickly without having to click too many times to complete their desired action. Ensure your webpages load quickly and there aren’t too many texts.

Look for webpage designers that can help you build mobile friendly sites to ease your customer’s online experience.

Make online alternatives available 

Gone are the days  where people needed to tediously fill up a physical form to confirm their attendance. Most companies are swaying away from pen and paper and putting all online forms of registration online. Auto-fill up functions that be found on these online forms would also greatly ease the registration process. The ease in registering for an event or a service would increase the number of sign ups and result in a larger customer base. A cumbersome registration process could deter potential customers from completing the registration form.

Use coupons and promotions

Many people are now moving online to shop and they’re being thrifty about it as well. Mobile coupons are much easier to retrieve and redeem as compared to coupons clipped from news papers or magazines. Hence the redemption rate of mobile coupons are much higher.

Carry out promotions and provide coupons using discount codes or periodical sales to attract more customers to your store or website. Just be sure that your customers are aware of these online promotions by sending out emails or text messages to notify them of the details.

Mobile payment systems

Convenience is always key when it comes to customers. People are always on the go and would like simple and quick payment transactions for their purchases. Large stores who wish to remain relevant have now jumped on the bandwagon to set up their payment service to provide alternatives for mobile pay-as-you-go platforms.

However, not all customers prefer and trust mobile purchases so be sure to look for trustworthy and secure payment platforms that would provide the optimal payment experience for your customers.

Increase social media presence

There are plenty of mobile only social applications such as instagram, snapchat, and biggo. It is important that your business gets up to date with available social media platforms in order to reach as many people as possible. Additionally, your brand has to also maintain support by constantly posting and actively interacting with your followers on these platforms. This would greatly improve your brand’s outreach and increase sales or generate customer traffic to your site.

Find suitable digital marketers  to synchronise your mobile marketing efforts and improve your business’ brand.


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