Ultimate Tips To A Lead-Generating Website


For any new business, it is important to have a online presence. One of the first steps in marketing your company should be setting up a website. A website could serve as the first contact point between your company and potential customers and it could also keep track of the existing ones.

Here are 5 essential things that your website should contain:

1. Your domain 

Before you set up your own website, you first need to decide on a domain name and bid for it. Think of a creative and unique domain name and you can get it for free online. Be sure to pick one that is also relevant to your brand or business. After you’ve decided on your domain, you can register for a host online!



2. Find a good website developer

There are many tools and guides for you to help you to create your own webpage all by yourself. However, creating a good and reliable website requires skill and expertise. It would be wise if owners source for a skilled web developer who have a good portfolio and experience in developing websites . You should also request for your web developer to create a mobile friendly website to complement your mobile marketing strategies.

Additionally, you might want to engage graphic designers to help you design the front end of the website well. While web developers maybe skilled in coding and creating basic features of websites, you might need the insight of graphic designers to create an eye catching website for your business.


3. An obvious call to action

Many websites fail in this aspect, not clearly asking for the sale. You need an explicit and obvious call to action on your website and it should be a request to place an order from your dominant revenue stream. And if your dominant revenue stream requires consultation, it should be a request to make an appointment. This should come in the form of a tangible button on your website, one that stands out explicitly. Use bright colors and ensure it is conveniently placed.

4. Testimonies/ Reviews of your Product or service

The purpose of your website is not for your own company, but it is primarily for current and potential customers. Always have your customer in mind when creating your company’s website. 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Display how your service/product has satisfied your customers prominently to reap the benefits of a good reputation of your company.


5. Categorisation of your product and services

Your list of product and services should be easy on the eye. It should be simple and convenient. Consumers do not like to have as much choice as you think. If you do have a wide array of products and services, break it down and categorise it precisely so that your consumers can find the service they want easily. Create a website that does not overwhelm your customer, but rather, invites your customer with an user friendly experience. Convoluted websites that are hard to navigate could even deter customers from returning to your website!
With these 5 steps, your website would appeal to the masses and be a successful tool in the marketing strategy of your company.


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