7-Step Guide To Making Your Restaurant More Profitable

There are 2 basics in setting up any F&B business. Firstly, is having a business plan. Secondly, is having the necessary licenses to set up a café (HDB/URA approval, Food Shop License, Liquor, Halal etc.) However, within these 2 basics, there are 7 essential aspects that can determine whether or not your restaurant succeeds.



Location, location, location is essential in the F&B business. Where you choose to set up your restaurant can determine how successful it becomes. Rental fees will vary, be it in the local neighborhood or in the CBD district. Owners should be careful when selecting the best location for your dream restaurant. Is the rental fee affordable? Is it convenient? Does the location fit the target audience you intend to reach out to? Owners should consider all these factors before deciding on a location.

Kitchen equipment

kitchenTo have a successful restaurant, owners must select dependable equipment that has a long operating cycle.  The equipment should not take up too much of capital as capital is also needed for other purposes. Owners need to source for affordable and reliable machinery from the right vendors.

Interior Design / Furniture

interior design


Ambience is key in delivering a unique dining experience for consumers. There are many factors to create this attractive atmosphere. Lighting, furniture, tiling, painting, flooring come into play when decorating your dream restaurant, and this costs money. There are many affordable interior designers out there. Choose one that gives you the best value for quality.

Reliable Food suppliers

Food from your restaurants should not only taste great, but have the highest standards in cleanliness. Many restaurants close down due to unfortunate cases of food safety issues. Owners need to find reliable suppliers that provide high quality products that are not only safe but also taste good.


Marketing Consultants

Once your restaurant is up and running, you need to get your restaurant to stand out from the crowd. Effective marketing is required to increase brand awareness of your restaurant. Copywriters are readily available to promote your restaurant efficiently through promotional materials. F&B consultants, who are experienced in the field are able to advise you on which marketing strategies to pursue.


IT/Social Media Presence

Every new restaurant needs a website, displaying much needed information such as location and photographs of your food (See No.7). If you have no experience in setting up a website, you need help. There are various IT consultants that can help you set up your website that is user-friendly and attractive. Having a good website gives a good impression of your restaurant to potential customers.


Food photography

food photography


Food not only tantalizes the sense of smell, but also of sight. Food should look appetizing on menus to attract customers online. Food photographers are able to portray your restaurant’s specialties in aesthetically pleasing ways. This will attract potential customers to patronize your restaurants.

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  1. Great article. I am also planning to remodel my kitchen and was feeling confused to choose the design and appliances. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Will surely follow these tips.

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