Get Guaranteed Foot Traffic In Your New Restaurant With These Tips!

 Congratulations, you are now a restaurant owner in Singapore! However, your restaurant is just one of the many in Singapore’s saturated F&B market. Almost every restaurant is trying to out market each other through various promotional strategies. So how do you  stand out from the crowd? There are 5 essential aspects to distinguish your restaurant from the rest.



The signboard, the name, the insignia. Just as how households in the TV series “Game of Thrones” is represented by an iconic sigil of an animal, a restaurant must have a strong branding that is identifiable and easy to remember. There are many digital consultants and graphic designers that are able to create a unique brand for your restaurant that is immediately recognizable by potential customers. This will create an iconic image for your restaurant that customers will remember.


A restaurant menu is vastly different from a menu in a fast-food joint. A piece of chocolate cake can be sold in 100 different food joints. However, if you name your restaurant’s chocolate cake as “Belgian Chocolate Cake with Nordic Frosting”, it would draw curious food lovers to patronize your restaurants. F&B Consultants can advise new restaurant owners on how to position their menu in a way that is appealing and attractive to customers.


Your website is your mouthpiece to your potential customers. It is where consumers can learn more about what your new restaurant has to offer. It could be promotions and monthly specials that your restaurant is serving. Also, your website could be the first impression your restaurant gives to potential customers. It is crucial that your website is not only working, but aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Owners should seek out experienced web developers and IT developers to develop your restaurant’s website.

Social-media Presence

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is an ideal place to touch base with your target audience. Post attractive photos of your food and restaurant to draw customers to your restaurant. This requires professional expertise such as food photographers and social-media manager to assist you in bringing your restaurant to the masses. This will increase the reputation of your new restaurant with feedback and reviews.


New Restaurants need to promote themselves extensively. This can be done through special promotions and offers. Vouchers and discounts can be distributed to your target audience to attract them to patronize your restaurant. However, how do owners decide between offering lunch time offers or all-day student prices? Owners can approach Marketing Consultants to assess which strategy is most effective for your restaurant.

A new restaurant requires to network with other intermediaries such as IT developers and marketing specialists to expand their reach to potential customers. It is essential that restaurants source for the right vendors for the right job. Owners can use third-party platforms such as ThunderQuote to have a wide array of choices to best fit their respective needs.


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