Governmental and Non-Governmental Resources for SMEs

In order for SMEs and startups to see consistent growth in their business, they need to continually improve their own productivity. Many business owners may have a lot of ideas and growth strategies for their own company. However, financial constraints may limit them in growing their business. Which is why in Singapore, the government provides a lot of help to SMEs and startups to increase productivity through several grants. Government Agencies like Spring Singapore and IDA have many schemes available for your businesses. There are also some other external resources available for you to make necessary productivity improvements.

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Licenses to Run Your New Café and Restaurant in Singapore

There are many food licenses and permits an owner has to secure before opening his/her own restaurant/café in Singapore. No owner would want to face legal implications from the government because of negligence over simple paperwork. Especially in Singapore where the food safety regulations are extremely strict. Some of the food licenses required for a restaurant and a café overlap each other. We will go further into detail about these licenses in this article.

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