Why Are We Called The “Private GeBIZ” By Businesses?


If only there is an e-procurement platform where I can find quality leads to boost my business’s profits…has this question ever crossed your mind?

Maybe GeBIZ is the first answer that pops up, but we all know that GeBIZ is only limited to public listed companies, so how about SMEs and other private companies? How do we get business from them in a much simpler and faster way?

Why is ThunderQuote known as the “Private GeBIZ”?

ThunderQuote is essentially an e-procurement portal which works like GeBIZ but for private businesses to request for quotations.  Hence, we have a much wider range of requests for various business services coming from SMES to larger organisations such as NTUC, SMU, ST Kinetics, etc. With requests ranging from $100,000++ large IT Systems to $800 Design leads, you can rest assured that you can find a suitable lead for your business.

In addition, if you are a new user of ThunderQuote, the process to bid for a job is fast and easy. Simply sign up and fill up your business details, and you cansubmit a bid all within 5 minutes. Unlike if you are signing up to be a trading partner on GeBIZ, the process is tedious and complex…

Not only do you have to do a ton of paperwork, wait for days if not weeks for them to approve your business, even submitting a bid is problematic with buyers requesting for odd conditions such as >10 years of operations or a minimum number of employees.

You don’t have to worry about such issues on ThunderQuote, as we match vendors and buyers solely according to the job requirements and budget to ensure the best outcomes. Jobs will also be filtered out to ensure you meet the minimum requirements of the buyer such that you only see jobs relevant to your business.


More than that, as businesses ourselves, we also often need business services from other vendors. Thus you can also freely request for business services on ThunderQuote. As a bonus, if you have already signed up as a vendor, you can just use the same account as a buyer!

Ultimately, our goal here at ThunderQuote, is to bring our buyers the right local B2B professionals & firms for every project their business needs to grow. And for vendors, we want to help you save time and costs in getting quality leads.


ThunderQuote is the “Gebiz for businesses” and most comprehensive business services portal in Singapore, Australia and ASEAN , where hundreds of thousands of dollars of procurement contracts are sourced every month by major companies like Singapore Press Holdings, National Trade Union Congress and more.

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