Open Up Your Cafe and Get Foot Traffic Immediately With These Tips!


Imagine this: you have a burning passion to open a café and your goal is to be the most popular café with the best food in town, better than any coffee shop around. But now you’re wondering, “what do i need before setting up a cafe?”

Well, fret not! We’re here to lend you a hand in setting up a cafe and realising this immaculate dream of yours.

There are so many different types of cafe: dessert cafes, coffee cafes, bakery cafes, cat cafes and the list goes on. This article would provide with the basics you require before you open a cafe.

Cafe Interior Design & Lighting
Customers patronise cafes not only for the food, but, the ambiance. Your cafe interior design plays a large role in creating an ambiance which suits your customer.Therefore, you have to imagine what you want your cafe interior design to be like. Depending on what type of cafe you intend to set up, the cafe interior design should reflect its theme.

This task would be made easier by hiring an interior designer. Different interior designers specialise in different areas. They also come with varying quality and prices. Of course, sourcing for the one with the highest quality and affordability is the ideal, but it is not always the easiest. So make sure you compare a few interior design agencies before settling on one.

Cafe equipment & machines

expresso machine

Most cafes typically focus on their coffee but cafe equipment is as important. Before you open a cafe, investing in good cafe equipment such as espresso machine and good roasted coffee blends would improve the quality of your coffee. A typical commercial espresso machine from La Marzocco would cost anywhere between $16,000 to $25,000. A cheaper option would be to get a second hand machine or a smaller one.

If you’re selling desserts, you’ll need a commercial oven or a freezer to keep up with production of your desserts. These cafe equipment would typically set you back $20,000. Though these equipment may seem pricey, it’s a one time fixed cost so it’s important to invest on one that can last you a while.

Reliable Suppliers

When operating your cafe, you would need reliable suppliers to order large quantities of food ingredients or utensils or even some cafe equipment occasionally. Finding a supplier that is trustworthy and cost-saving is important in order to keep your business afloat during its early years. To spread the risk, it is wise to fine more than one supplier in the event that one supplier cannot meet the demand.

Copywriters, IT services and marketing

This is essentially also a very important aspect when entering into the café business. When setting up a cafe, it is pivotal to hire a team of copywriters, digital and content marketers as well as TI services to help market your café to maximise customers’ outreach, increase brand awareness and create a loyal customer base.

Such can be done through setting up a cafe website and using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If your café offers catering services or is available for booking for corporate events, birthdays or any special occasions, you’ll also need your cafe website and social media mentioned group of people to help to promote and manage these events.

Graphic Designers and Photographers

Last but not least, aesthetics play a big role in attracting customer’s attention. Food that looks good on the menu or on online platforms such as your cafe website will catch the customer’s/user’s eye and will increase the chance of them ordering/trying out the food at your café. Thus, getting a good graphic designerfood photographer  your cafe website and take photo of your dishes are essential in your cafe.

Simply put, setting up a café is not for the faint-hearted as it requires a lot of time, energy, research, money and most importantly, trial and error to get the right mix and know what works and what doesn’t. However, so long as you’ve found the relevant and related services to help you in establishing your café through the links given above, you’re off to a good start in setting up a cafe. We hope with this how to guide on setting up a cafe would empower you with the tools to open a cafe!


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