Top 3 Problems With GeBIZ

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GeBIZ is a platform to connect privately owned businesses with the government. It is an e-procurement platform where suppliers and vendors can look for government tenders from almost all industries; IT services, construction, printing, and the list goes on.

As a one-stop centre for suppliers to have access to all procurement opportunities in the public sector and to trade electronically with the government, GeBIZ created an entry point for businesses to access G2B services in an enterprise-centric manner instead of an agency-centric manner.

The objective of this platform is to create business amongst SMEs and private companies in Singapore. There are many tenders available on GeBIZ. The contracts and tenders are also of a very large quantum, although not always high-margin. This is meant to benefit the vendors in Singapore who are seeking for contract based projects.

However, many private businesses have encountered problems while using GeBIZ. Here are the top 3 problems of that we have collated:

1.      Unclear Categorization & Hidden Requirements

If you have ever used GeBIZ before, you probably find that finding a job suitable for your business is extremely painful with filters being things like Professional Services which could mean anything from requesting for a dance instructor for CCA to Engineering Services for bus stops…

Not only that, even if you find something suitable such as website design for your IT company. You’ll need to read through more than 4 pages of project requirements and such, and often thereafter stumble upon requirements such as more than 10 years of operation, more than 20 staff members and such which effectively disqualifies your company.

This poor filtering and hidden requirements of jobs on their system often makes tendering for opportunities on GeBIZ a long tedious process.

2.      Outrageous Project Specifications

Worst of all, some of the tenders requirements may be outright unrealistic and unprofessional! Graphic designer Kelly Cheng, posted a screenshot of a tender that was found on GeBIZ. Part of the tender had a clause stating “unlimited changes”. This term in the contract entails that the contract holder has the power to change the design he/she requires at any point. In addition, the vendor is also obliged to meet the contract holder’s requirements in less than 48 hours.

This is hardly an isolated case, with the ‘kia si’ attitude from most public service employees who want to ensure nothing goes wrong with their projects and heap excessive demands on (which is admirable since it is for the good of our society) but often comes at the expense of the poor vendors – us!

3.      Only Government Organizations

Furthermore, only government organizations can put up tenders on GeBIZ and even they have complaints about the hassle required to put up a job. Meaning, while you can bid for government jobs on GeBIZ, as a business you cannot use it for your sourcing needs!

To top it all off, you must also pay a subscription fee to use the GeBIZ portal every year, whether you get any jobs from the site or not!

As a business ourselves, we understand that while the concept of GeBIZ is sound, execution of it is poor and often creates unwarranted delays and difficulties.

Hence, as business owners ourselves, ThunderQuote was born to take up the role of GeBIZ for businesses… though apparently even public servants are inclined to use our services with NTUC, ST Kinetics, SMU and similar organizations putting up jobs in our system! Results speak more than words. Try out ThunderQuote yourself and grow your business today!


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