How ‘private GeBIZ’ can support your F&B business

Whilst setting up your business, there are many factors to consider: implementing a business plan, sourcing for funds and grants, networking, marketing, supplies, technology etc. The list is inexhaustible and the process of developing your startup is never-ending. Which is why you’re going to need all the help you can get, in this journey.

Government Organisations

Singapore has always been a playground for small medium enterprises (SMEs) and startups. The low corporate tax rates and dedication to improving productivity makes it a nurturing space for small companies to flourish and grow. An organisation that provides help to SMEs is SPRING Singapore. SPRING is an agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI)  that was set up to help Singapore enterprises grow as well as build trust with Singaporean products and services. SPRING Singapore offers the Capability Development Grant (CDG) which basically covers up to 70% of your project costs that includes areas such as consultancy, training, certification and equipment costs.

Other agencies that provide similar grants also include International Enterprise (IE) Singapore and  Ministry of Trade and Industry. The list of grants that provide help to SMEs are inexhaustible, you find one that suits your company here.

Channels for networking and support

Meeting like-minded people who share your passion in the same industry can be beneficial. By joining business communities, you’d be able to  share ideas and motivate the community to continually develop. However, finding this group can be tough if you don’t know where to look. However, the Food and Beverage Managers’ Association and Singapore Chefs Association are great platforms to start.

If not, social media is always a very useful platform to search for similar communities. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are some examples.

Food consultant services

A lot goes into the initial stages of building an F&B business, from planning menus to providing good quality service, the first initial steps are always pivotal. While some business owners would prefer to carry out most projects themselves, finding a professional to carry out projects like marketing, interior design or technology installation are essential in ensuring the best results.  However, it may be difficult to source for appropriate service providers that are able to deliver the vision you have set. The endless list of possible vendors make it so much harder to narrow your options down to one that is cost savvy and professional. You can look here for possible vendors to carry out all kinds of projects you may need for your F&B business.

Training Service Staff

It always important to train and retrain your staff to be equipped with soft skills that are usefull in restaurant or cafe setting. Well trained and competent waiters and runners can be tough to find and are constantly in short supply. Most employees in the F&B customer service line rarely stay for the long term. Luckily, there are training centres out there which provide professional training courses for your service crew

Additionally, there are also training grants provided by the government to offset the cost of retraining employees. Employers who wish to send their staff for training and upgrading of skills can apply for the training grant provided by Singapore’s Workforce Development Agency (WDA). The Singapore government places a lot of emphasis for Singaporeans to always be relevant to the workforce. Thus the WDA provides grants such as SkillsFuture to encourage Singaporeans and employers to consistently train and retrain in order to develop an array of skills that will make them indispensable to the current workforce. You can head over to the SkillsConnect website to check for the eligibility and availability of the grants.

Suppliers’ Listings

What is an F&B business, if not for the food and beverages sold? You’ll need an exhaustive list of suppliers for the many ingredients you will be using in your kitchen. However, sourcing for the right suppliers can be tricky. You can either source for these companies yourself through networking or log on to a third part platform such as ThunderQuote to help you out.

The above list of the different channels of support is by no means exhaustive however they are the most basic ones that you need to consider in order to bring your F&B business to greater heights.

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