Useful GeBIZ Resources

In this list article, we have a list of the most useful links, guides and tools for GeBIZ. Get started with GeBIZ now using these resources!

  1. GeBIZ itself
  2. SME Guide to Government Tenders (
  3. MOF Guide to GeBIZ suppliers
  4. Private version of GeBIZ (ThunderQuote)
  5. MSF Guide to GeBIZ trading partner registration
  6. Controversy over GeBIZ tender practices (Part I)
  7. Controversy over GeBIZ tender practices (Part II)
  8. Spring GeBIZ Factsheet
  9. GeBIZ Mall
  10. MOF Supplier Guide Part II
  11. Fairness of Government and GeBIZ procurement process
  12. CSC GeBIZ Admin Course
  13. IDA GeBIZ Alert SMS
  14. Government GeBIZ Procurement Data from
  15. Tender tracking system Tengence
  16. DSTA GeBIZ tenders
  17. GeBIZ Wikipedia article
  18. NUS GeBIZ procurement procedure
  19. LTA GeBIZ Tendering procedure
  20. TNP complaint article
  21. CSA GeBIZ Advisory on emails
  22. page on GeBIZ
  23. Sembawang pri page on GeBIZ procedures
  24. CNA Article on GeBIZ
  25. TOC article on GeBIZ controversy
  26. GeBIZ Revamp ideas

To find out more about GeBIZ, read our guide on the top 3 problems of GeBIZ.

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