Most important GeBIZ and ThunderQuote Resources / Guides

Have you been hearing the term GeBIZ being thrown around or used by other businesses but you don’t really know what it is? Or maybe you have a semblance of what GeBIZ is but have no idea on how to use it?

Well here at ThunderQuote, we are the Private GeBIZ for businesses and provide a comprehensive business services portal in Singapore. Here we have written several articles on GeBIZ as well as provided guides on how to make use of this resource effectively. If you haven’t seen those already, here’s  a compiled list to links of our GeBIZ guides

GeBIZ Resources / Guides

  1. GeBIZ itself
  2. GeBIZ Overview
  3. Guide to GeBIZ vs. ThunderQuote
  4. SME Guide to GeBIZ
  5. Slideshare Guide for GEBIZ by Spring Singapore
  6. HDB Tender Opportunities
  7. Mindef Topics List
  8. Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce Guide to Government Contracts
  9. NTU Open Tenders
  10. NUH Tender for Corrigendum (Interiors)
  11. SLA Schedule of Tender

ThunderQuote Resources/Guides

  1. ThunderQuote Ultimate B2B Sourcing Tool (like a GeBIZ that can diagnose your needs)
  2. GeBIZ Tool
  3. ThunderQuote Lead Newsfeed
  4. ThunderQuote Main Site

Hopefully these resources will provide a nice overview of the various tools and guides which you need for GeBIZ and ThunderQuote.

ThunderQuote is the “Gebiz for businesses” and most comprehensive business services portal in Singapore, Australia and ASEAN , where hundreds of thousands of dollars of procurement contracts are sourced every month by major companies like Singapore Press Holdings, National Trade Union Congress and more.

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