Singapore’s Largest Event Resource List For All Your Procuring Needs!

Planning an event can be stressful especially if you don’t have a lot of resources on you hand. But have no fear, we’ve compile a list of event tools and resources for you to take advantage of.

Event tools:


This is one powerful tool for event planners. EventScribe focuses on solutions form organising events to building native apps for attendees. It helps to efficient manage event data for both guests and organisers.


Busyconf event managing tools allows you to focus on the early stages of event managing by organising your planning process, schedules and website making etc. Their simple planning tool allows you to make sure everything is planned ahead of time and you don’t miss a single step! Additionally, the platform has tools to streamline ticketing and registration to ensure you have a good crowd coming.


A lot of detail goes into event and it can be hard to keep track of it all. This tool helps event planners create unique branded experiences by touching on all the areas. Some features include attendee polling, and real-time updates. The DoubleDutch app also gives event-goers all the information they need for the best experience possible.


This is a tool for corporate planners to bring the features of social media platforms together for a full experience. AppMyDay provides a channel to develop an original experience for events. End users are also provided with a collective social stream of posts: such as chats, photos and videos. Additionally, organisers can access real-time social analytics to observe how the even is going.

Here are some of our own tools for you to use as well:

If you’re still unsure of what you might want you event to be like, gather some information or inspiration from some of these event Blogs:


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