How User Experience (UI/UX) Helps Boost Your Business

Creating consumer value for clients is the number one priority for many businesses; because an impressed client is fundamental to a business’s outreach and audience growth. In this age of digital services, the higher the efficiency of a service, the larger the amount of consumers use it over and over.

Thus, User Experience(UX) design helps you grow your business by providing the best consumer journey on your business service.

What is UX Design?


UX design is a wide variety of disciplines that ultimately help enhance a customer’s first impression and satisfaction of your business. It is the key to increasing conversion rates; meaning that you sell your product better and get more customer satisfaction. That’s killing two birds with a stone!

Tom Gilb’s Principles of Software Engineering Management discovered that for every dollar a company invested into UX, the returns are from two to a hundred dollars. That’s a turnover of at least 100%; talk about a good investment!

Wait! What about User Interface(UI) design? Aren’t they the same?

Contrary to popular belief, UX and UI design are similar design disciplines that focuses on different design goals. UX design focuses the whole consumer journey, while UI design is the compliment to that journey, meaning it’s the presentation of the finished product.

Basically, UX design is building a nice road to drive on, while UI design is the painting of arrows and lines on the road, as well as what goes at the edge of it.

A lot of times(or all the time), these two disciplines go hand-in-hand together, which lead to the birth of UX/UI designers; the brains that produces the best of both worlds.

What can UX/UI design do for my business?

According to Vitamin Talent, 85% of user experience problems can be found with just five user tests. You may have spotted some of the problems yourself, and getting it fixed by a developer will be time-consuming and costly.

And this is why UX/UI designers are here to help! We can quickly brainstorm solutions and test them at a quicker pace and cheaper price before handing the work over to the developers to be completed.

Leave your coding monkeys alone and come bug your customer junkies! We’re the experts at this after all.

For entrepreneurs/start-ups:

Getting good UX/UI design will be a great head start for your start-up to launch well and proper. It’s not enough to just have a good business model, because execution is the key to whether that model will work or not.

There has been an increase in start-ups winning and disrupting industries due to their superior UX, and established businesses/models fall short on winning/maintaining their consumer value because of that.

If no first draft is perfect, then there’s no reason to start working on the perfect UX/UI for your business to maximise consumer experience and company profits/sign-ups. UX/UI design not only makes the start of the journey a tad smoother, but also helps build a sustainable and evergreen business for you to grow.

You’ll be getting sign-ups and checkouts faster, as well as a lower user churn rate. This is the key to growing your market audience, and getting more loyalty points from them.

UX/UI design will be vital for start-ups in the coming years as consumer’s demands and expectations grow with the evolution of this digital age. You may do without it at the start, but UX is dominating the marketspace, and it’s not enough to just offer value anymore. Users care about UX more and more and are willing to pay a premium/jump ship for a better experience.

For established businesses:

Your business is working well long before the UX/UI trend started to make its way into Asia. You probably have a great team of business directors, marketing gurus and designing developers. So what can UX/UI design to for you?

Simple, it can make things better. As mentioned above, every dollar invested on UX design will reap a reward of at least a dollar more. UX/UI designers are able to not only make the current business/product even more efficient to use, but also make it more unique so you stand out from your current competitors, as well as upcoming ones.

Engaging in UX/UI design also increases your current customer base because the best experience provided from your new UX/UI established business will lead to passing on your brand by word of mouth.

90% of your audience are interested in using your product/services. UX/UI design will help guide them through an effortless journey, give high satisfaction rates and get you more consumers on your plate. Because it’s just a Singaporean thing to share good lobangs.

Still not convinced? Let us pull out some case studies for your reference!

Uber is a well-known transportation network service, mainly used for connecting independent chauffeuring services to consumers. Other than an amazing business model, part of Uber’s big success was also its efficient UX/UI. Here’s three reasons why Uber is an ace in this UX/UI trend:

  1. Product availability is easy to see

In collaboration with Google Maps, Uber allows consumers to identify the nearest car available to them. This is the first impression a user frames of Uber, deeming them much more efficient than calling for a taxi service.

The user knows the amount of cars near them, compared to calling for a taxi then finding out the nearest cab available to you(if any). From this simple example, you can see how Uber uses UX design to shorten their user journey and be more efficient.

  1. Everything is laid out clearly

From searching for cars, getting to your destination and paying for your fare, Uber makes the experience smooth by integrating well-designed user interface. Uber ensures that their users get the information they need when they should.

  1. They are constantly improving their experience

In the fast-paced digital age, technology advances pretty fast, and consumer needs gets more demanding as the economy grows. The recent rebranding of Uber this February proves that the company has evolved their care for consumer needs; even in small details.

You may read more about the changes here.

Need we say more? They’re nailing it!

Other brands that adds UX/UI value to their business:

Airbnb is an online marketplace enables people to list, find and rent homes for vacations globally. They were pretty much one of the founding fathers to use good interface designs with location for business. Just like Uber, they share the same traits of being at the top of their UX/UI game.

Facebook is one of the biggest players for UX/UI design integration. This once simple networking website turned into one of the most used social media and advertising platforms. It’s no secret that their interface has gone through many changes over the years, and it’s a definite that they’re going to continue to improve it as the times evolve.

While UX/UI design is relatively new in Asia, it’s not too late to solve UX faux pas and grow your business’s conversion rates and audience. A quote from Anthony Robbins goes, “Every problem is a gift – without problems we would not grow”.

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Melody is an experienced UX/UI designer who has been involved in major design projects for renowned industry brands. She’s committed to helping businesses fully display their potential value to clients through perfect user experience and beautiful user interfaces.


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