4 Ways to Keep Your F&B Business Cutting Edge With Technology

With the rapid advancement in technology and the pursue towards reducing labour cost for F&B establishments, food suppliers have begun to develop innovative products and services for effective customer service solutions. These development has helped improve customer service standards and enable food and beverage outlets to increase quality of product, productivity and profitability as well as turnover rate. This article provides you with some tips to further improve your F&B business and provide customer service solutions for reducing labour cost and operational cost.

Self-ordering / Payment Kiosk

There have been increasing number of F&B outlets adopting digital service and automation technology solutions such as e-menus, self-ordering and payment kiosks, to meet reduce labour costs and a growing manpower crunch. Wireless POS aims to shorten queues at counter and improves customer service experience. In addition, self-ordering and payment kiosks means that staff can be redeployed, improving efficiency of workers and gives workers more time to focus on other aspects of customer service. The customers are now empowered to make their own orders, which reduces errors and helps to bring in more customers due to the shorter queue. The initial investment may be hefty, hence budgeting and forecasting should be done before deciding to proceed with this strategy. If the finances balance out in the long term, this implementation will be worthwhile especially if your business is facing difficulties hiring staff and reducing labour cost!


Table Seating Software

Customer service solutions automation technology such as table seating software and apps can result in effective management of the business operation and customer satisfaction as well as retention. Be it touch screen kiosk or iPad, customers can select the number of pax and after which they will receive a queue number ticket. A SMS would be sent to the customer’s mobile phone when its their turn to be served. In the event when the table is available, the customer will be notified immediately via SMS or call. F&B table seating software and apps replaces staff for coordinating and monitoring the availability of the tables. Of course, you can always customize the table seating and reservation according to your F&B style.


Queue Management System

F&B queue management system provides efficient and effective queuing process for customers and also enhance the productivity in terms of achieving the organizational objectives at reducing labour cost. When deciding on a queue management system, you can choose from 3 different modes:

  • Fully manual mode – allows the restaurant manager to have full access and control of the table service he wishes to select and call.
  • Automatic mode – allows the restaurant manager to initiate priority setting in terms of availability of table service such that the F&B queue management system calls for the table service in terms of the priority setting.
  • Semi-auto mode – allows the F&B queue management system to call for the queue number automatically. The supervisor calls for the next table service which depends on either the priority setting or waiting time setting.


Automated Dish Washing Machine

Good hygiene is essential to the success of any F&B business. However, it has always been an issue with F&B business to find reduce labour cost for dishwashing and this makes it increasingly difficult for F&B business to cope with their dishwashing load. With the introduction of automation technology for dishwashers, F&B outlets can reduce labour cost by automating their dishwashing process. These automated dishwashers are capable of cleaning up to 3,000 items an hour, which means employees can be tasked to perform other duties. Furthermore, there may be indirect savings because these machines are energy-efficient and water-efficient. As a result, companies will see increases in productivity, efficiency and profitability.

All being said, it is important to first understand the workings of your F&B outlet before planning and evaluating on ways to improve customer service and reduce labour cost. The only sure way to find out what it will cost to transform your F&B outlet into high-tech is to get some quotes from relevant service providers. Government funding is also available for those hoping to jump on the information and communications technology (ICT) bandwagon. For instance, companies can claim up to 70% of costs for adopting ICT solutions to improve customer service, under SPRING Singapore’s Capability Development Grant.

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