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As an event company, procurement for logistics and services is definitely an everyday task. The swiftness of procuring for the right products and services determines whether or not you will be able to meet deadlines as well as expectations of the clients. What are some of the services that are most commonly procured by an events company?

Graphic design

A good graphic designer is able to bring event concepts and ideas to life. A good designer is also able to apply design onto all event collaterals from something as small as admission tickets to big posters and backdrops.

Large format printing

Large format printing is a service that is commonly used by events company to print banners, backdrops and giant posters for their events. It is rather uncommon for event companies to produce large prints in-house, printing vendors are usually engaged to do the work for them.


As an events company, it is necessary to build up a good portfolio to showcase the works that had been done before. Not only does it leave good impression to clients, but also increase the company’s credibility. A portfolio consists of the past works that an event company had embarked on. Professional photographers are hired to capture moments of pre-event and during the event itself. The shots will then constitute to be part of the company portfolio.


If your event company specialised in doing roadshows and exhibitions, then procuring for promoters to help out at events is a need. Promoters are hired to approach people, increase traffic flow and sales to the booth. They should also be well-equipped with product information in order to attend customer’s queries on the spot.

Event space

Venues of events are often decided by clients, however, what if this task is entrusted to you? A good venue not only make liaising of logistics arrangements easier, it may also greatly increase the attendance rate for your event.


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