Top Services For Event Companies To Get More Customers!

As an event company, procurement for logistics and services is definitely an everyday task. The swiftness of procuring for the right products and services determines whether or not you will be able to meet deadlines as well as expectations of the clients. What are some of the services that are most commonly procured by an events company?

Graphic design

Graphic designers are essential to your event marketing campaign. You will need to design many collaterals to promote your event such as brochures, flyers and posters to online collaterals such as your website interface and email campaigns. These guys are really important as their designs are the first thing everyone else would see. So how good the design is could potentially dictate the success and turnout rate of your event.

You will also need a graphic designer to create other collaterals on the day of your event itself like admission tickets, banners and big posters. Be sure to engage a graphic designer who can properly understand the vision you have for your event. If you and your graphic designer are on the same page, the whole journey would be much easier.

Large format printing

Now that you have your graphic designer working on the design of your collaterals, you need to find someone who would be able to print these designs out on quality materials. This is where large format printing companies come in.  It is rather uncommon for event companies to produce large prints in-house, printing vendors are usually engaged to print banners, backdrops and giant posters for their events.


Did your event even happen if you didn’t take photographs?? It is a basic necessity for every event to have a photographer to capture all the good moments during the event. These pictures can also be used for future marketing purposes, or even added to your portfolio to document all the successful events you have organised. However, many companies make the mistake of hiring cheap photographers and in the end receive poor quality photographs. A good event photo would leave lasting memories to those who attended your event and would most probably motivate them to attend your company’s next one. You should hire professional photographers whose style of photography fits the event you’re holding. Obviously you wouldn’t hire a wild life photographer for a wedding reception. So the key here is to know what you want and how your pictures will look then securing a photographer for this event.


Promoters are typically needed for roadshows and exhibitions. They’re basically your sales people and they will be the one who are selling your goods or services to the masses. If your event company specialised in doing roadshows and exhibitions, then you’ll be able to understand how difficult it is to get good reliable promotors who share the same conviction about your goods and service the way you do. You can always source for promoters on your own, however they may not guarantee you the right people. So be sure to source for these promoters to ensure you get the most out of your roadshows and exhibitions.

Event space

Venues of events are often decided by clients, however, what if this task is entrusted to you? A good venue not only make liaising of logistics arrangements easier, it may also greatly increase the attendance rate for your event. Be sure to recce and survey many different event venues and make sure that these places are able to cater to all the various aspects identified by your client. While the cost of rent one of the main things you need to take note off, it should not be the main deciding factor. Know what your event is about and what you expect then pick a venue that can complement this vision of yours.


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