Battle of The Wordsmiths: Factors that Make Great Content Writers



When someone says that they write content for a living, they will usually get asked weird questions and funny stares. But little do these people that are asking these questions know that in the world of business, content writing is a huge industry. Writing is a dream job and it definitely isn’t for the faint hearted. Being a content writer who works full time means that you will be spending the entirety of the work week just staring at screens while slamming your fingers on the keyboard praying that you’ve created a masterpiece – and then, you start all over again. It is a very tiring job because it does require for your brain to be constantly working but oh boy, it’s extremely rewarding.

In this article we have decided to highlights 8 factors which makes for a great content writer who will propel your company forward. Content writers are the medium in which connects you to your consumers who will read this content and decide if they would like to engage with your business or not. These wordsmiths are the magic fairies that create amazing content which will put you on the map.

Factor 1 : Excellent Command of Language

This does not necessarily just mean English, it can also be Mandarin, Spanish, German and Italian. English is the best because it is universal but if you would like to cater to your specific readers, you can hire writers that are fluent in your mother tongue. But, it is true that content writers must have an impeccable command of the language alongside perfect grammar. No one wants to read an article with broken English. It takes away from the immersive quality of the piece. Language style and the talent to carefully weave words together to create a beautiful piece to read is certainly a must-have quality.

Factor 2 : Strong Research Skills

Great writers also need to be able to research almost everything. They need to know how to pick up on important topics and transfer them to the articles they are writing. They need to be able to read fast and sift through thousands of words to pick out the best information. It doesn’t matter if the writer has probably never heard of procurement before in their lives, but the effort and time put into research is the most beneficial thing. Content writers with great research skills can pick up any subject and churn something amazing out that will propel your business to greater heights. 

Factor 3 : Innate Curiosity

Great content writers don’t become great overnight. They need to be able to always pick up new things on their own because content writers usually work in small teams or sometimes on their own. If they don’t feel the need to spread their wings to write and read more, they will never progress. Having a built-in curiosity will help them be more creative and this ensures that the content you are getting from them is as original and super customised for what your business needs.



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Factor 4 : Impeccable Proofreading Skills

A great content writer must be able to be a great proofreader. They would need the ability to weed out all possible errors that they have made themselves. It too expensive to get a content writer and an editor at the same time, so hiring a content writer that can do both would be massively beneficial. Great content writers who spend the extra time to make sure the article is perfect is one you should hire because to them they won’t rest until the article is perfect.

Factor 5 : Mastering Multiple Styles

The art of mastering multiple styles and genres is great because a content writer needs to be a chameleon and blend into whatever style you need them to write in the ensure that you get the content that your business needs. For example, a blog is much more laid back so the style should be a more relaxed type. A research article needs to have certain keywords that pertain to the article and a technical writer needs to know how to put across a serious tone as well.

Factor 6 : Originality

This is probably one of the most important factors that make for a great content writer. This is tied to their reputation. Whatever they churn out needs to be 100 percent original and there shouldn’t be any plagiarism whatsoever. It’s understandable that getting the information from different sources is crucial to ensuring the article is informative, but a well-seasoned content writer will know how to extract that information and transfer it into a seamless original piece of content.

Factor 7 : WordPress, SEO and HTML Knowledge

It’s probably pretty obvious by now that a great content writer needs to be a highly well-rounded individual. It doesn’t stop there. They would also need to be knowledgeable when it comes to WordPress, basic HTML knowledge and they would need to be well-versed in SEO content marketing. The algorithms for SEO change constantly and one would need to be above that constantly if you want your website to keep up, hire a content writer who knows what they’re doing.

Factor 8 : Successful Social Media Specialists

This one might be slightly shocking but since most content get published online nowadays, the content writer needs to make sure your article gets the most number of hits online. Publishing an article is easy, just type in the text and hit publish. But the real work starts when you have to begin advertising the article on social media to make sure it gets more publicity. The more shares you get, the further into the internet it will go and this will ensure more readers click on your article.

Selecting a great content writer that has all these qualities can be hard because content writing is a relatively new area of business. But they are out there and they are willing to work. If you need to hire one, head on over to ThunderQuote where the best minds of Singapore are there to help you with all your business needs!


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