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Have you realised that you don’t possess the manpower needed to successfully run your F&B business? Or do you come home exhausted everyday because you’re running around after your workers at the restaurant? Well, it might be time to start thinking about automating your F&B business and living in the clouds. (The internet clouds that is).

This guide by ThunderQuote seeks to help you think through your first steps to automating your F&B business and bringing productivity to the next level.

It is no secret that in Singapore it is so much harder to hire manpower because of our strict labour laws. Work permits are hard to come by so a lot of business lack manpower and this may cause a lot of problems in the long run when you don’t have the energy to even run your business. The lack of manpower will catch up to you and it’s a lot better to start automating your business before you realise that you are unable to keep up and have to start counting your losses. Be proactive and smart and realise that the digital scene is the way to go!

So how do you automate a business that is known for their hospitality? It’s not easy to remove a waiter or a server and replace it with robots. Part of the culinary experience is the interaction with the servers and the people in the restaurant. However, it is possible to automate your F&B business without losing that touch.

So what is the first step to automating your F&B business?

#1 Design An E-Menu

E-Menu’s basically bridge the gap between having a waiter come take your order and when the chef gets your order. The front of house automation is super helpful because this will help you show off your amazing food choices through the proper HD photos on the tablet. In addition to that, it saves time and you are allowed to constantly change and update your menu whenever you want because it’s just a computer software that’s easily interchangeable. You will always be up to date with the current software and there is always an upgrade that will make sure your menu never becomes obsolete.

You also save money because you don’t need to print the specials every month or the lunch deals every now and then. There is always room to fix things or change stuff up. It allows you to be creative with your business which helps with the restaurant in the long run.

#2 Automated Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Having an automated POS system has been a lifesaver to countless of businesses and you should jump on the bandwagon as well. Get rid of that old and dusty cash register and find out where you can get one of your own POS systems. POS systems simplifies the accounting process and makes looking back at your past transactions so much easier.

You can also create your own purchase orders so that it’s much simpler to give the customers what they want. The current generation is also a lot more familiar with automated gadgets rather than old-school registers. If you want to make sure your employees know what they’re doing, a POS system is the best piece of technology you would buy for your workplace. In addition to that, a POS system minimising the possibility of making mistakes. The system will always make sure that you enter the right details for the transaction.

#3 Online Delivery or Collections

Sometimes you just want to stay home and order takeout and that’s perfectly fine! As a restaurant, incorporating an online site that does orders and deliveries is super smart. This is because you don’t need to hire the extra help to serve and wait on them and you don’t need more people to clean up after them either. It saves time and it allows you to sometimes charge extras for delivery charges as well!

There is also the fact that customers will never order the wrong food and send it back because it is an automated website that plasters their cart all over the place ensuring that they know exactly what they have ordered. It is also another way to advertise your restaurant. You get to spread your wings to further areas if you do deliveries.



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#4 Mobile Apps

Since everyone is on their phones, why not make some use out of that and create a mobile app for your restaurant. It is the latest craze and it works magic when it comes to advertising. So what are the benefits of a mobile app? By creating a mobile app you will immediately be appealing to the millennials. It is the best way to get them interested.

You can also include a rewards program that also allows for returning customers. This is a great way to show your appreciation to them while also luring one time customers and transforming them into returning customers because everyone loves a good deal!

#5 Incorporate Conveyer Belts

If you’ve been to a sushi restaurant, I’m sure you’ve seen these conveyer belts that go around the tables. It took the foodie scene by a storm when it was first introduced because it added an element of fun to the entire dining experience. Since then it has blossomed tremendously and you rarely see a sushi restaurant without one. It might be time to start incorporating it to normal restaurants. It might be hard with different kinds of foods but it could be the case of putting the food that has already been ordered by the customer on the conveyor belt to allow for a lesser number of waiters.

It is intriguing and your customers will love it! You can also include the E-Menus here and have so much fun with the concept. It will make your restaurant stand out from the rest and you will have flocks of people coming in just to capture that perfect Instagram picture!

The 21st century has graced us with amazing technology and it’s about time we started using it in every part of our lives. If you ever need help automating your business, head on over to ThunderQuote for all your needs!

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