Is DIY Design Damaging Your Brand Image?



When you start a new brand of if you’re in the process of rebranding one, it can and it will be a very tedious process. A small business requires a ton of visibility if it wants to take off. Branding becomes super important because it not only gets you on the map, it shows people that you care about this company. Getting your brand on more phones, laptops and tv screens is crucial for your growth.

What does one need to have a successful design for their blog or website?

There are a few things that you need to obtain if you are deciding DIY or hire a designer for you brand. The person that is going to be in charge of the design needs to know how to balance the distribution of colours, sizes and spaces of the design at play. There also needs to be great emphasis on what you are trying to sell to the public. In short, you need a spotlight on the brand and without someone who knows what they are doing, you will never get that done.

The flow of the design should also be looked at because if it looks patchy and out of place, your readers will feel uncomfortable when they visit the page. Proportion and rhythm of the design is also very important to tie everything together. A sense of completeness will unite all these elements to create a beautiful piece of work. To obtain this, you need to either be very talented yourself or hire a professional designer.

So let’s get down to business. Why is it so important that you hire a professional designer rather than do it yourself?

A Designer Will Build You A Custom Website/Brand/Logo

A professional designer will make sure he gets the work done. He will build the website or the brand around your business needs. It will be a customised process and it will be so much easier than you going around the internet looking for ready-made websites that will cost a bomb which do not come with instructions on how to use it or even maintain it in the long run. What if there’s a bug? You will spend so much more time worrying about the process instead of just enjoying the fruit at the end.

Making sure the service provided by the designer is up to par is all up to you because at the end of the day you are the one paying for it and the designer will make sure he follows your instructions as accurately as possible.

We would suggest you do some window shopping first before you take the plunge and decide to hire the next designer you meet. There are a plethora of designers out there and not everyone is the same. They might not share the same vision or have the same work ethics that you might have, so it is crucial to make sure you’ve done your research before you hire anyone.

A Designer Will Incorporate The Latest Technologies

This is something that not many people will think about. But we know that the world wide web is ever changing. It changes everyday and having a professional whose job is to be up to date with all the changes will be incredibly beneficial to you. If you use a free website builder or if you decide to create your own brand and logo, there might be several limitations to the software and hardware you might have. Hiring a professional who has access to all these latest designs is just so much more smarter.



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Hiring A Designer Preserves Time

When you own a business, time is of the essence. It always feels like there’s not enough time in the day to complete all your tasks. So why bother with something that you don’t necessarily have the right tools for? Designing is a tedious and long process and unless you are a graphic designer, web designer or even someone with basic design skills, don’t try to do anything yourself. You will just waste your time when that time could be used doing something you’re great at which is running your business.

We know it’s hard to pass something this important to someone else, but that is why we advised you to do your research so that you pick a candidate that you can work with seamlessly. You save more time as well because they are going to be dedicated to your project and they will work on it 24/7. This saves time and you will get your project done super fast.

The Designer Can Create A Clear Message

A professional is trained to make sure your message get across clear as day. This will play heavily on your marketing because the clearer your message the more people you will get who are interested in your business. They are also skilled in relaying these messages using attractive colours and fonts and the whole flow of the brand. They know how to manipulate graphics to your best advantage. It is their jobs after all.

Ultimate Search Engine Optimization Power

This is a website’s super power and trust us when we say that this little feature will get everyone excited if it works properly. A great website is useless if no one can find it on the internet. Mind you the internet is HUGE and it can become a black hole if you don’t try hard enough to claw yourself away from there. Professional web designers will make sure the design of your website gets noticed by search engines thus making sure that the ranking of your website is high enough so more people see it. The more traffic the more business!

There are so many more benefits of hiring a professional designer to help develop the brand of your business. Don’t waste time, money and effort doing it yourself if you’ve had little to no experience in this field. This is the best time to invest your money and making sure that your business takes off!

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