Is Outsourcing Web Development A Smart Move For Your Company?


Over the past decade or so, it has been seen that the internet has grown exponentially and the importance of having a website or an online brand for your business is at an all time high. Since starting a business today is a lot easier than it was 50 years ago, everyone has a great idea that they want turned into a business in the future. However, the execute every component of starting and maintaining a business is extremely difficult and you do need help every once in awhile.

The world of business has been booming and you get to see so many different types of companies start up. Most of these companies offer services that no one would have thought we needed 10 years ago. The most prominent one would be the business of outsourcing web development. Before the internet era, there was no need for web development. But now, in the 21st century, having a website for your company is absolutely crucial and the absence of one may push you down the ecosystem, leaving your business in the dark.

So what exactly does outsourcing your web development mean? Well, exactly what it says it means. Basically, you are hiring another company to handle tasks that are supposed to be handled by your company. In this case, you are hiring a company to handle all things web development. You are putting the responsibility of developing your company’s online persona to somebody else and that is a huge step. So we’re trying to deconstruct the process and give you the benefits and risks of outsourcing the web development of your company.

So what are the risks of outsourcing web development?

#1 Communication Problems

This is probably the most common problem because you won’t be seeing the team responsible for the development on a daily basis. Since they are from a different company altogether, you will be working in different offices and sometimes phone calls and emails just do not cut it.

Some of these companies may not be situated in a country where English is their main language. There is a risk of information getting lost in translation. Therefore, this might pose a problem if you do not set some ground rules of communication.

#2 Issues With Quality

At the end of the day, when you work with someone or a company that isn’t yours, there might be a problem of different expectations and because of that sometimes, the product that is made at the end of it may not be what you’ve expected it to be.

In addition to that, sometimes these 3rd party companies are advertised to be the best in their regions but they might not have a great track record with clients. The best thing to do is to do your research and find out about the projects they have worked on and see if that resembles what the vision that you have for your product.

#3 Security Problems

This is where legal problems might transpire. Outsourcing the web development of your company means sharing information that might be very sensitive to the company. Sure, you can sign non-disclosure agreements but how sure are you the information will stay private. It is a risk that you have to be willing to take if you decide to hire the 3rd party company.

Always hire a good lawyer and be careful about exactly what you share. With your own employees, you know exactly who they are and it would be easier to control the data that gets transferred around the office. It’s a lot harder with an outsourced company.



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Then what are the benefits of outsourcing web development?  

#1 Time Saving

Outsourcing the web development of your company saves so much of time. Especially if you’re a smaller company that does not have the manpower or the talent to even execute the necessary requirements to create a great online brand for the company. Most companies pride on the speed and quality of their work, they are also experts on this topic so outsourcing the work is a smart idea to make sure you save that already precious time.

#2 Access To The Latest Technology

Since the people you are planning to hire does this for a living, they will have access to all the latest technologies that you might not have access to. They might have people who are on top of the Ruby on Rails’ latest versions that might take you a long time to figure out. Hiring professionals to do the job is always the best idea.

They are always present in that mindset so the work you will obtain is always the latest work possible and the creativity is also fresh and in the now.

#3 Familiarity With The Work and Endless Creativity

Companies who specialise in web development will never hire anyone who is not experienced in this kind of work. When you do employ one of these companies, you are being given access to a set of gifted and experienced individuals that do this for a living. They are also experienced in having dealt with so many customers that they have a broad understanding of the playing field and they can narrow down exactly what you want and what your company needs. Therefore, you get a customised experience and the web development you got from them will be tailor made to ensure your company gets the boost that it needs.

They will also ensure that you are included in the process and making sure that they get feedback on what you prefer or don’t like to ensure the process is going on exactly the way you want it. So there is no worry about getting a final product that might not suit what you want. Communication is key here!

At the end of the day you have the final say on how to run your company. It’s best to choose the best outlet that works for your business. If you’ve decided to outsource your web development, head on over to ThunderQuote to find the best company to help you propel your business to greater heights!


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