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Quick question! What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Well, we hope the answer is roll over and go through your phone and not stumble out of bed and rush out the door. But yes. The most common answer nowadays would be you will pull out your phone and scroll through all your apps and news outlets before actually starting your day. Just step out one day into the MRT or the buses, you are bound to see at least ten people on their smartphones just tapping away. Twenty years ago, phones were just used to call and send short text messages. Now you can live off just your phone and you’ll be well entertained.

That brings us to the topic here now, the reasons why your business should go mobile. Like mentioned earlier, the smartphone has taken over our lives, we spend hours on it everyday. So, doesn’t it seem like a brilliant idea to create an app for your business? This is a sure fire way to make your business stand out. For all types of businesses having a mobile app is the smartest thing to do now in the digital day and age. You better be fast if you do not want to get left behind. Businesses need to adapt to survive, the world is changing and it is becoming digitalised. Your company should catch up before it becomes obsolete. Going mobile just means either having a mobile app or starting mobile marketing. This basically means you are reaching out to mobile phone users to garner more customers.

Here are some of the reasons why the team at ThunderQuote thinks you should go mobile for your business!

#1 Smartphones Are Used To Do Everything


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Since everyone is on the phone now, it is almost always expected for your brand or business to have a mobile presence. Or at least an online presence. Everyone is increasingly choosing to do everything on their phone. From online banking to even buying groceries online, you would be losing out on a lot if you decide to not be part of the online craze. Users also browse the web, read the news and catch up on the current events on their smartphones as well. Almost everything can be done with a phone and you should definitely take advantage of this situation.

Therefore, creating a mobile app would be the smartest thing to do because it will allow your customers to engage with you directly and at any time they please. You are allowing your customers to deal with your services instantly and this creates a better bond between you and and your customers. Creating a user-friendly app that fits naturally into the daily lives of your users is key as well so that it can gently assimilate into the consumer’s’ normal lifestyle.

This also increases your company’s brand presence and it becomes much more visible to the masses. An app can do very well and the minute it does well, it will be on the top 10 pages of the app store. Think of it as a great way of advertising as well!

#2 Your Competitors Are Already On It

If your customers are expecting apps from everyone, then your competitors should have probably already created one for their business. You would not want to get left behind. It is the most common thing to venture out and do once you open a business. So it’s best to get on the wagon and create one yourself as well. In today’s marketing world, this might even spell disaster. You will render your company less known because it’s not on the internet. How is a customer supposed to find you? Yellow Pages is not a thing that is viable anymore so you would have to rely on word of mouth. That does not work very well either. In addition to that, creating a mobile app also makes your customers feel like you are looking out for their best interests thus bridging the gap between seller and consumer.

#3 It Enhances Communication

As mentioned in the second point, a mobile app or a mobile marketing strategy will help bridge the gap between you and your consumers. This happens because you are enhancing the communication between yourself and the person coming to you for your business. In this day and age, the business world changes dramatically everyday. With mobile app capabilities, you can add it a messaging system that connects you directly to the customers. This just makes your business become so much more hands on and consumers really like that feature. It makes them feel like they’re being taken care of.

#4 You Can Collect Better Analytics


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With a mobile app, you can easily throw in features that will allow you to pinpoint just exactly who is using your services. Big data is a thing now and having a mobile presence will definitely help with analysing important data for the growth of your business.

What is Big Data?

The definition of big data is extremely large data sets that can be analysed over time to create a pattern, trends or just associations that relate to human behaviour or interactions.

With big data you can collect all this important information and analyse it to further better your company. Find out the things that you need to do to improve and bring more customers in. These analyses is extremely important to the sustenance of your company.

#5 It’s Too Important Not To

Most people would think that technology is a fragile thing. That a trend like this may come and go just like everything else before it. But this is not the case in this situation. A mobile app is extremely useful to have as an established business and the trend will not go away anytime soon. This natural progression that mobile technology has is going to be around for a long time because it has been making life so much more convenient for us. It is adaptable and extremely malleable to suit our needs. It is an investment that the team here at ThunderQuote feels you should dive right into!

These are the few reasons why we feel like you should head straight on for a mobile app or an online mobile presence to further propel your business to greater heights. It is too important to push aside. If you have no idea where to start and you would like to consult a professional, just head on over to ThunderQuote to submit a request and someone will come to your rescue in just 5 working days! 


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