The Ultimate Digital Marketing Checklist For Your Thriving Business


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Gone are the days when you create a marketing campaign, spend thousands of dollars only to pray and hope that someone spots your billboard. Marketing itself have come a long way and right now the best way to go is digital marketing. With the freedom given to us by the internet, marketing has never been easier. You can set your campaign on one website and share with it with the rest of the world. Doesn’t that sound amazing? However, digital marketing should not be taken lightly because it requires the same amount of work. But you do get to be more creative because there is more room for experimenting online.

Why do we think that digital marketing is beneficial for you? In all honesty, if you’re not already involved in digital marketing you are so left behind. In the 21st century, everything is online and if you are adamant to thinking that normal marketing is enough for your brand, you might be making the wrong decision. Sure billboards and flyers may work but everyone is so glued to their cellphones nowadays that no one ever looks up anymore! So why not capitalise on the fact that people stay glued to their phones and create a marketing campaign that makes use of that fact? Here is the ultimate digital marketing checklist that we think is going to be extremely beneficial for just about any company.

#1 What Goals Do You Want To Achieve?


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This is the first step and it is extremely important. You can’t dive headfirst into a project if you have no idea how to execute it or more importantly, if you don’t know what you want to achieve from this project.

You need to ask yourself, what are your goals for this project and how far you would like it to go? Do you want it to be more advertised amongst Facebook users? Do you want more people engaging in your content or do you want more customers every month? Everything you do in a digital marketing campaign has to have a reason. This is because every action brings about a very different reaction from the masses. You need to target your campaign properly which is why it’s important to have goals!

These goals need to be specific, achievable, relevant and these goals need to be achieved in a certain time period. You can’t have unrealistic goals that will take years to reach. Plan out a weekly goal and then continue on with a monthly one. If you finally get comfortable, create a yearly goal.

#2 Pinpoint Your Target Audience

Once you have decided on your goals, picking out your target audience would be a lot easier. You need to ensure you have a rough idea on who your audiences are because this would make the process of marketing your brand out a lot more effective. Decide their age group, which area you want your audience to live in, etc. This will allow you to in the future, create Facebook advertising or even Twitter and Instagram advertising specific to the target audience you have chosen.

Your best bet is to narrow down your target audience as much as possible. It’s a lot more effective to have a target than to just aim, well, aimlessly. Making your message more focused will allow your marketing team to be more successful. It’s true that you want the message to get out to everyone but what’s better is finding the right people to talk to. The right people here meaning the people who will turn out to be real customers at the end of the campaign. If you’re selling a web development service, you need to market the service to companies that require it. You would not want to target students who are still in school. It’s things like that which you need to take into account.

#3 Pick Your Timing


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This is another important element to perfecting your digital marketing campaign. The number one question – “when should I post this?”. This is a great question to ask which not many people have the answer to just yet. Most experts can tell you the general time you should post articles, tweets or Instagram pictures but that is all dependant on your audience and how they react to your content.

The best advice that we can give is to try things out for a while. Put up posts and see at what time do you get the most engagements. This would mean actually paying attention and collecting the data. Try signing up for Google Analytics or hire a professional because this is no easy task. You would need a dedicated team just for social media sharing and feedback.

You need to be smart with your timing. If your audience is more towards people who live paycheck to paycheck or who are more price conscious, then maybe wait till payday to release content regarding your services. Or try to post content after general working hours. The weekends are a good time as well. Just try to put yourself in their shoes. Association is one of the best ways to figure things like these out.

#4 Budgeting and Choosing Platforms

Well all this advertising does not come for free, so you need to determine your budget. In addition to that, after you’ve decided on a budget you need to find out which platforms you’re going to use to market your product out. There are many social media sites in which has marketing features that you can put to good use.

But first, let’s talk about money. If you are a more established company and you have high goals to achieve, you will definitely need to put in more cash to reach those goals. Don’t expect to get amazing results if you’re not prepared to invest the money. Smaller companies can pick and choose the ways in which you would like to use digital marketing. You might need to go more for quality marketing over quantity.

#5 Get Creative


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This is where you go and look for the people who can create the content for you. These content creators will be the brains behind the creation of amazing content that will market your brand. Hiring great content writers and a good social media marketing manager is crucial for your campaign. It’s not easy doing it alone, so you need someone who has the experience to come on and help you out.

Get a great graphic designer too that can help create amazing pictures and videos that can be used to market your service or product. Human beings love their imagery so why not focus on that and draw them in with the pretty colours!

#6 Test Your Campaign

This is when you’ve already established all the elements needed for your campaign. Now is the time where you put it out there and test it out. After a month or two you should gather all the information and tweak the campaign to better suit your customer persona. A personalised campaign is much better and will definitely bring in more business for you!

This is the top six things we think you should get done when deciding to invest in a digital marketing campaign. This is the ultimate checklist that we think every business company should follow when they want to set sail with the winds of digital marketing!


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