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Congratulations on finally launching your mobile app. Here at ThunderQuote we know how much hard work it takes to design an app and successfully launch it. It is a doozy and obviously you would like to know how to get it out there. You would also like to know how you can market it to all corners of the globe because that is the best way to ensure success.

The hard truth about mobile apps is that it’s strength lies in its reach. It is only as good of an app if people actually use it. With no users, it does not matter if your app was the next Whatsapp, but if no one knew about it, how does one harness the potential of said app? Therefore, we are trying to tell you that the marketing aspect of the mobile app is extremely crucial.

After all that hard work, you would definitely want to have proper ROI and it’s your app so you would love to see it get the recognition it deserves. Marketing teams are super important and we are here to share with you some of the best ways to sell that app of yours until you become famous everywhere!

#1 Know Your Audience


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This is something that you should have contemplated before creating the app. If you’re designing an app that leverages on convenience (like Evernote or Trello), then your consumer persona should be students that need to write notes down fast and have a proper planner for school. The other customer persona would be businessmen or just the general working class. This is because Evernote is great to take down minutes during meetings and Trello is a great place to ensure that everyone has their own to-do list while being able to view what everyone else is working on.

Based on the example above, getting to know your audience is super important because you will need to create the app based on that customer persona and when the app is done, you need to market it according to that as well.

Some of the more important details to take into account when creating your marketing plan are :

  1. Age Range of Customers
  2. Their Interests
  3. Students vs Working Class
  4. Which Industry Their Working In

These are some of the few personas you need to sift through to get your niche group of people you want to sell your app to.

#2 Build A Trailer Website and/or A Microsite

Before the app is launched, you can choose to create a website that has links back to your app and how to download it from the store. Then, you should create a trailer for your app, explaining what it does and how cool it is so that people can have a feel for the app even before it goes live. This builds anticipation and you can gauge your audience from then onwards as well. The more data you collect the better. You can also add a newsletter option so that you can collect email addresses of people who are interested and send them the occasional update as well.

Another thing you can do after the app is launched is to turn that website into a microsite. What is a microsite you ask? Well it is basically a branded content website that lives outside your main website pages. This microsite will help to showcase your app who are on their laptops instead of their mobile phones. This is a one or two page website that will show off your app to garner much more interest.

#3 Share, Share Share!


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A mobile app is a new type of business and it’s thanks to the millennials that mobile apps are getting so much more recognition so it’s time to take that offer up and also start the conversation on social media. Have a dedicated team that will head the social media marketing side of the app’s release. They need to be on it and continuously share the app. Create short gifs or cool photos of the app and explain what it does and why they should download it as well.

Use platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube to get your product out there. It will catch on immediately if shared properly.

#4 Get Smart With Your Keywords

Much like SEO, having your website with the proper keywords is also essential. Don’t underestimate the power of keywords when it comes to the App Store or the Google Play Store. This is because consumers can be lazy sometimes and if they need an app for to-do lists, they will just type in “to-do” and “list”. If your app is an app that has a to-do list but that phrase isn’t available in the name of your app or at least in the description, your app will fall into the clutches of the deep, dark app dump. This is where all the apps that don’t get downloads go. Aim to attract as many organic searches for your app and the best way to do this is to use the proper keywords. All the time.

#5 Create Videos


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Most of the time your customers may not have the time to read a one page article on how great your app is and what features it has. The next best thing is to create a video. Always consider making one because potential customers can just watch it on the go and have a great overall idea on what your app is capable of. This spreads the app a lot further because you can easily share videos on social media as opposed to having blocks of texts.

You can create an animated video, or a stop motion video or even a live action video! There are so many options for you to choose from. Just be creative and create a great video that successfully represents your app.

We hope that we have helped you find out the best way to market your mobile app. It’s best to always sit down beforehand and create a game plan as to what you need to do because it’s always great to plan ahead of time. If you need help from professionals, send us a quote on ThunderQuote and our vendors will reach out to you to help you propel your app to becoming the next big thing!


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