Wondering How To Hire An Event Photographer? Here’s How!


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Planning an event is no easy feat. You find the best food, you pick out the best venue, you hire the best DJ in town and then you remember that you need to capture the moments as well. By this time you’re probably exhausted from planning the event. The next thing you want to do is rest and not go out to look for an event photographer. But you have to anyway. The team at ThunderQuote would like to help you ask the right questions and conduct the proper research to find yourself the best event photographer because pictures are truly worth a thousand words!

We believe that research is the best way to get anything done because making informed decisions is the only way you can get what you want exactly. One more thing you need to note is that even though your best friend has a DSLR camera and they told you that they can take pictures of your next event for free, this does not mean that you should take them on, on that offer. Not everyone that has a DSLR can be a photographer and it’s important that you always remember it. A professional, business event needs to be commemorated with a proper photographer because the pictures can be used later on for marketing or advertising purposes in the future.

So what are the things to consider when hiring an event photographer?

#1 Figuring Out Your Budget

Well, nothing in this world is free isn’t it? Well this is the hard truth so whatever you decide to do, you need to plan out the budget at first. Unless you have a never-ending source of money, but until you do, get your calculators ready and get ready to calculate some numbers!

In the context of event photography, you will definitely get what you paid for. Therefore, you need to make sure that you evaluate your budget and please don’t skimp too much when you decide to hire your event photographer. Again, you would need to research the internet to search for great photographers around your area. Event photography isn’t as simple as normal photography. You need to find someone who is much more professional and have had much more experience. This comes with a price tag as well.

Make sure that you get a few quotes from multiple companies to make sure that you have a good selection to choose from. It’s always better to have a selection to choose from. Like we said earlier, planning a large corporate event is not easy and you would not want to just let some amatuer take over the photography of your prestigious event.

#2 Look at Their Portfolio


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It’s very easy for someone to tell you how amazing they are at something. Sure they can talk the talk but can they walk the walk? Nothing is set in stone until the company you’re thinking of hiring actually shows you a portfolio or their previous works. Taking pictures of a wedding or just normal outdoor pictures is very different compared to an event. Event are much more professional and the things that take place during an event is very different as well. So they must need to know how to handle themselves in situations like that as well.

Another thing you need to think about is if their style of photography matches the theme you’re going for as well. If you butt heads over creative differences, the experience will not be a comfortable one for both parties. So make sure you get these questions out of the way first before hiring them.

#3 Are They Insured?

Please, please make sure you ask the company if they are insured. We don’t want bad things to happen but some accidents do happen and you would not want to be liable for the damage done. Camera equipment is very expensive and you don’t want to be caught footing a large bill just because the company wasn’t insured. Ask to see their insurance papers as well during the negotiation process.

#4 Checking Out Their Equipment

This seems like a no-brainer but it’s crucial for you to make sure that the company you are looking to hire has the proper equipment needed for your event. If it’s going to be indoors, they need to have the proper lighting equipment or even proper tripods to handle the capacity of your event. Please make sure you share this information with the company you’re planning to hire so that they can make the necessary preparations for your event because you want it to be perfect. If you don’t indulge that information to them how are they supposed to know exactly what you need for that special event day?

#5 Read Reviews


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Everything is online nowadays so it’s extremely easy to go look out for reviews of the company you are planning to hire. Since the information is there, don’t do yourself a disservice and not read the reviews. Reviews are extremely important because it shines some light on the past work this studio has done. It also tells you how they handle their customers. You would not want a company that does great work but has no respect for their customers. So keep in mind to always read reviews first before diving straight into hiring the studio.

Ask the studio if they could indulge in more information on past clients so that you can give them a call and check their work out. Never be afraid to ask for more information. You will spending a great deal of money and you need to ensure that the money is worth spending.


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What are the prices charged by Singaporean photographers for an event?

Well, the more research you do, the faster you will come to realise that there is usually no set price on exactly how much a project will cost because it is all subjective. It all depends on the event itself. The duration of the event, the amount of photographers you need, how much equipment is required? It also takes into account if you want videographers? Will the photos be edited or not? Do you want them to be printed? These factors will all add up and slowly but surely you will see the price changing to suit your individual needs.

However, we did find the bottom line of how much most photography studios charge in Singapore. Their ranges go from SGD 150 – SGD 250 per hour. It will definitely increase with regards of how famous the studio is and the complexity of your project.

Professional photographers are important to have at events like these because it allows you to capture these amazing moments. The process of hiring one might take a while but when you find the right studio, you will realise why it took all that hard work. It will all be worth it in the end. Happy hunting!


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