How Do I Find Content Writers For My Marketing Campaign?


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The 21st century has brought about a million amazing things. The best things that have come along is the advancement in technology. With technology advancing at insane speeds, everything we do is now affected by our digital trail. This is why the face of marketing has also changed. If you haven’t noticed, digital marketing is the way to go nowadays. Every business should have an online profile and with that a good digital marketing team as well.

Almost everyone has a smartphone or access to the internet, so it’s time to get on the fast track to digital marketing. When customers visit your website, they are expecting to be greeted with amazing content that is engaging and interesting. Therefore, it brings us to the question of how do you find content writers that can write amazing content that will sweep your readers off their feet? It’s not easy to portray a message online. There is no direct confrontation and every piece of information needs to be weaved into the content that is online. For that to happen these content writers have to be excellent wordsmiths.

So, if you have been sold on the idea of hiring great content writers for your marketing campaign, your next question may be : “How Do I Find Great Content Writers For My Marketing Campaign?”. Well, we have a few great solutions to offer you today and we hope that it will help propel your marketing campaign to amazing heights!

Step 1 : Search In-House First

As an established business, you should have a number of employees that you trust and work with on a daily basis. However, it is very disappointing as an employee to have certain skills that you are looking for but you choose to outsource the work anyways. So try to start the search for your great wordsmiths in-house. Set out a notice to every employee, preferably via email or just a piece of paper on the bulletin boards. This will make your employees feel more appreciated that you chose to search for a content writer amongst them first.

It’s so much easier because if you do find the person you are looking for, you would not need to break them into the company lifestyle or teach them about how things work. With someone who has already been working for you, they are used to your work ethics and the expectations you have for your company. Just make sure to increase their pay if you’re going to hire them to handle two responsibilities!



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Step 2 : Where Else To Look?

If you can’t find someone relevant in your company itself, you might need to start venturing out into the world wide web to find a great content writer. There are thousands of writers out there with years of experience that will probably work great in your company. The key is to find the great ones and here are some places that you can start looking from :


With LinkedIn it is a lot safer because you will be hiring people who are already established writers based on their work experience on the site. This is a lot better than diving head first into the internet to find freelance writers who are probably fake or do not possess the type of experience you require to maintain the standards of your company.

Just search around and if you feel like you’ve found the perfect candidate, send them a message to see if they wouldn’t mind doing some freelance work for your campaign. It never hurts to ask around.

Freelance Sites

This is a little more dangerous because you might not know who exactly is sitting behind the computer. However, it offers a giant pool of options of who you might want to hire. You might even find people that you never knew you needed for your campaign.

Our plea is to always be careful when visiting these sites. Always ask for a portfolio or a sample of their work before you enter into any kind of agreement.

ThunderQuote : We might not seem like the most obvious choice but we have a large selection of vendors that have great content writers at your disposal. They have been vetted and have been proven to be the best of the best.

Step 3 : What If You Don’t Like Freelancing?

If the whole freelancing thing isn’t something you would like to do then you can actually look out for content managers that will work full time. It’s another branch in marketing which is called digital marketing. Having a content manager is so much easier because they will be dedicated to creating content and creating a social media and digital presence for your company. As mentioned earlier, content marketing is the way to go right now. You will propel your company to unimaginable heights with proper content marketing.

You can announce to the world that you are looking for a content manager on your blog or on your social media sites. Get your present employees on board to help you find this one person. It can be a team effort because if you are hiring this person full time, it’s best to make sure that everyone likes them!


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Step 4 : Always Make Sure You Vet Your Writers

By using all the methods mentioned above, you should come up with a shortlist of candidates you would like to hire. Before agreeing to anything, you should have a trial run first. For about a week. Give them a topic that is related to your business and the type of content you would like to produce and go through them at the end of the trial period. This will give you a feel of the person you are going to hire and how they fit into your company profile.

Step 5 : Search For Someone With A Fresh Voice

Don’t go and hire someone who has a monotonous tone with their work. Digital marketing has to be fresh, new and engaging. Always look for someone who is passionate and always interested to adapt and change to follow the times. The online world changes daily and you need someone who can keep up. Hire someone who can offer your company a new and improved voice while maintaining the profile of your company. This will help your marketing campaign and drive your company forwards!

These are a few steps that will help kickstart your search for the best content writer for your marketing campaign. Always remember that hiring great people comes with a paycheck as well. If you want to simplify this process, you can always visit our website since we have professionals that can help you out. Shorten the process and save your time for other projects and let us look for these content writers for you. Happy hunting!


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