Types Of Corporate Videos That We Feel Will Boost Your Brand Marketing


Video marketing is an old form of marketing but it has been rejuvenated and brought about again in a new light in the digital age. Nowadays there are so many types of marketing that most people might have forgotten the good old corporate video marketing and how useful it has been. When it comes to good and solid video marketing, you should cover all your bases and a good corporate video is something you should definitely invest in.

So the first big question would be, what exactly is a corporate video?

To make it simple and for everyone to understand, a corporate video is basically just used as an umbrella term to define all types of video communication a company would make to advertise their band to the masses. The possible applications and uses are endless and you are only hindered by the breadth of your creativity.

One of the ways you can distinguish a corporate video from a normal marketing or advertising video is the target audience. A corporate video opens up the door to so much more target audiences when just compared to a normal advertisement. In a basic advert, your target audience is basically future customers and the goal of that video is to garner more customers.

In fact, there are multiple types of corporate videos that you can use to help your business grow and some of it will be addressed in this article to ensure you get all the information you need to expand your company to its fullest potential.


So what are the common types of corporate videos?


#1 Company Profile Videos

This is a video that you can decide to make as a stepping stone to introducing your company to the world. You can use this video to introduce your company to consumers. It is used to tell yuor target market just who you are exactly and the value you are going to bring to the table. The best places to show off these videos would be on the front page of your website. If you have an office space, you can put in on loop on a television or a computer screen.

You should definitely include a short story on your company’s history as it shows the clients who you really are and what your values are when it comes to the designated market you are immersing yourself in. In addition to that, you should also include success stories about things your company has done. You can also add in a short clip of the founders of your company and what they do as well. This increases the level of personability and it will seem to the general public that you are an open and transparent company. The masses love transparency and they will fall in love with your company in no time. These videos can be made quite easily because they might not need all the bells and whistles.


#2 Social Media Videos


Again, since we are all living in the digital age, almost everyone is online. The best way to keep up with them is to also go online. Big companies that have been established for many years tend to shy away from social media and we feel that it’s not a smart move because the next generation is built on social media and the liberty to go online all the time. Investing on social media marketing is extremely important if you want to make it and garner the attention of current generation. You need them to ensure your business stays relevant and moves forward.

One thing you should know before diving head first into making social media videos is that you must realise that videos are more likely to be advertised to your clients because there are algorithms on sites like Facebook that will push videos to the top when compared to text posts. They are deemed more ‘important’ and will be pushed up to allow more views. Therefore, it is smart to create a few short videos to be promoted on your social media sites.

These videos need not look as amazing as some videos so you can try making an animated video or a stop motion type video. Your main goal is to create a short clip that will instantly capture the attention of your customers. They do not need to be full on advertisement videos, you could make videos that are related to a pop culture event or a big piece of news. Anything to show that your company is paying attention to what’s happening around everyone else. You will then look more compelling to the masses.


#3 FAQ Videos

If your company sells a lot of items or if you always get questions on how to use your product or how to troubleshoot certain services you sell, you should think about making a short FAQ video instead. Lessen the time spent answering all the questions sent in by consumers one by one and make a video that will encompass all these questions. Allowing your staff to spend the extra time doing something else.

The video could be a simple animation or just an employee on a chair answering the questions. You can really let the creativity run loose here. This is a video you’re allowed to have some fun with!


#4 Recruitment Videos

So are you trying to hire more people? Does it also seem that you’ve put the bait out there but no one seems to be biting? Well, try creating recruitment videos instead. It is a great way to entice applicants. You can create a video for this purpose exactly by showing them your office and the company culture. This gives them a full insight into the company and what they are in for if they are successful in their applications.

You can create an explainer video to also include the information of the job and the role they are going to play for your company. This will set you apart from the traditional jobs applications that are plastered everywhere.


#5 Product and Service Marketing Videos

This is where tradition meets innovation. Marketing videos are the most popular types of corporate videos because it’s made to put your brand on the map. These videos should showcase your best products or services and how amazing they are and why people should buy them.

These videos are also called product demonstration videos. Create short and brief videos can show your audience exactly how your product works. You can go all out on these videos because they will be your main casting net for potential customers!

Corporate videos are extremely important and we wish more people made them. Sometimes a huge block of text or even a short snippet does not do the job. Human beings are visual creatures and they would much prefer a cool and entertaining video when compared to a block of text. Hiring a videographer is so much easier nowadays because it’s become a lot easier to produce content. Make sure you hire a professional because with how advanced everyone is now, it’s very easy to spot a shoddy video from a mile away. So get a professional and sit down to have a very detailed conversation to bounce of ideas to make the best videos to ensure your company does well in the long run.

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