Looking for Clients? 7 Ways to Market Your Consulting Business

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The consulting industry is rapidly changing in the way it communicates with its clients. You may feel like you have an unlimited number of competitors in this industry and so many ways to market and reach out to your clients. However, you’re limited by resources, time and money.

Based on our own research and experience in the consulting industry, we came up with 7 optimal marketing strategies for your consulting business.


#1 Own homepage with SEO

The base for all marketing in a digitalized world is a homepage for your consulting business. This is where potential clients would find all your information; what you do, who your employees are and contact details. Especially in the service industry, it is necessary to explain in detail what kind of consulting service you are offering and how a potential collaboration would look like. In order to do that, you need to take all parameters for a successful SEO into account. Find out more about how SEO can boost potential clients going to your site here. In addition, you could illustrate your experience and expertise for the potential client by referencing projects or professional articles that were released by a journal on the homepage. Since your homepage is pretty much your door sign, the content must be in a very high quality and current.

#2 Appearance on business and social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

As ways of communication are changing and switching more towards online services, the business surrounding is adapting to varying interaction with clients. The appearances on intuitive social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and certain business platforms like LinkedIn is important for you to be reachable and credible to your clients. On these social media platforms, you can start to interact with your potential clients and get a lot closer to them. You can do it by private messaging or participation in certain group discussions and events.

#3 Blog

Content marketing is a way to exhibit your ideas. Blogs are an ideal way to communicate the content to your (potential) clients. You should use blogs to write about current topics that are relevant to your industry. Thereby increasing attention to your business. By writing about your point of view on an issue or presenting a possible solution to certain problems, you can showcase your expertise to your clients, improving your credibility. Besides that, you can also write about lessons learned from old projects, deep dives in certain fields of your portfolio or other topics which are related to your business. Always keep in mind that a blog is not a one-way communication, interact with your follower. If you need help to write a good blog article you can look here.

#4 Online Video & Webinar of your content

The popularity of short videos in the business context is increasing because they are a great way to communicate large amounts of information in short clips.  You can use your own homepage as well as video platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, etc. to distribute content about your consulting business. For example, you can create a short 3-5 minutes video to explain to your potential customers what you are doing and how an individual project would look like for them. By explaining to them in an entertaining and easy-to-absorb way, it would make your consulting service a lot more tangible for a potential client.

#5 B2B platforms to be listed and to submit quotes for your consulting services

Its trending that clients especially in the B2B industries are looking for more comparability and transparency in the request process of consulting services. They expect a certain level of trust and credibility from their business partners and hope to find it there. They use platforms in expectation to get better outcomes in the consulting service they request. You should use platforms like ThunderQuote, Hillgate, etc. to list yourself as a provider of certain consulting services to get the chance to give quotes on request. Thereby you get access to a large platform with filtered requests for you to serve.

#6 Old school post mailing (via FedEx if you want it fancy) and cold calling

Although the “old” way of marketing like post mailing or cold calling isn’t as popular as it was before, it still can be effective if you do it right. You should use your customer data base or bought address data to send out mailings (i.e. via FedEx) about a certain topic. Make sure the topic matters for the customers and can be easily linked back to your consulting business’s portfolio. You also can do a certain number of cold calls a week, for example in a special industry in which you know they face a special challenge or struggle and you can help them with. Both ways need a good way of preparation and the right content.

#7 Listing in consulting portals / associations of your specific industry

Certain groups or associations tend to stick together and help each other out. Thus, you should be member in as many industry associations as possible. Find out which industry is suitable for your consulting services or even find an association for your kind of consulting business. Use them as a platform to improve your networks and increase your range of marketing.

These 7 ways of marketing your consulting business are only a few from a wide range of possibilities. See them as a selected recommendation based on our expertise in the consulting industry. The most important tip we can give is, that all these 7 ways must be linked to each other. There must be a certain marketing plan. And always keep in mind that right and valuable content is the base for all successful marketing strategies for your firm.

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