Everyone loves free Wi-Fi: 5 ways your business can benefit from it!

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Don’t you just love places with free Wi-Fi? Imagine scrolling through your Facebook feed or watching YouTube videos without having to worry excess data usage. Staying connected to the Internet is now entwined with most Singaporean’s daily life.

An increase in Internet usage comes hand in hand with the demand of free Wi-Fi. Although mobile plans now come with less costly data plans, there’s never enough to stream addicting Korean dramas that has all of us hooked.

It has been observed that an increasing number of businesses such as cafes and beauty salons are making wifi a must have in their premises to serve their customers better. Many say that it has helped with their customer retention and sales turnover during non-peak periods.

So how can this benefit your business apart from just having more customers and sales turnover?

Marketing agencies are now exploring Wi-Fi as the new channel for advertising and lead generation. With Wi-Fi advertising, it is now easier to target a profitable niche of users with customized advertisements and promotions. Here’s how it works:


A Wi-Fi advertising system helps you place Wi-Fi advertisements. At most Wi-Fi Zones such as cafes, the users are authenticated in the following way:

  1. User connects to free Wi-Fi provided by location
  2. Once connected, user browses some Wi-Fi advertisements
  3. User is grantedfree Internet access


Many companies in Singapore are shifting their digital spends from traditional ad networks to Wi-Fi Advertising – a unique and affordable way where brands are able to customise their ad campaign to suit their needs and goals. For example, a hair salon can target to put their ads at cafes nearby, increasing the number of walk-ins from the viewing of their ad.


There are 3 main reasons why more and more cafes and restaurants have decided to provide free Wi-Fi to their customers.

  1. Creating Brand Recall and Customer Experience – People remember you when you offer them free Wi-Fi!
  2. No hinders on existing Wi-Fi Plan – because free Wi-Fi provided only uses the unused, excess data.
  3. Extra revenue – provide Wi-Fi ad space to advertisers and simply monetize your free Wi-Fi.



As a business owner, one can expect to effectively engage with your potential customers through a Wi-Fi advertising platform.


  1. Receive guaranteed impression– business ads will be guaranteed immersion time before patrons connect to Wi-Fi.
  2. Targeted advertising – With free Wi-Fi platforms all around Singapore, one can decide where to best place their ad.
  3. Cost effectiveness – Flexible budget schemes that suits your marketing objectives.
  4. Immediate engagements – with a click, users are directed to your websites or social media.
  5. Smarter Advertising – Instead of mindlessly spending money on spammy digital ads; free Internet access enables quality impressions.


Red Guava is one company that allows you to start advertising your business in the Wi-Fi market quickly and easily. Using a unique and affordable approach to advertising for their clients, many companies are now customising their ad campaign to suit their needs and goals.
It is absoulutely free for a shop to become a WIFI hotspot host and to become an advertiser for just $50 a month.


Whether you are an online shop owner that wants the most affordable way to advertise, or the owner of a physical shop that wants higher customer retention by providing a different experience to your customers – Red Guava has something for you.

Red Guava is an online platform that allows businesses to advertise their deals and promotions to users that connects to free wifi or search the net for the next best deals. We use trusted and vetted servers on our web platform – ensuring security and protection for clients and users.

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