How To Develop Brand Loyalty Through Social Media Marketing

One of the most strongest ways a company benefits from a strong social media presence is the growth of a strong sense of brand loyalty. Brand loyalty can be cultivated with a strong and smart social media presence.

Taking the extra time to build a relationship with your customers is arguably one of the best marketing strategies you will make during your time as an entrepreneur. It is a great long-term investment and if you spend the extra time and effort to create relationships with your customers, you will ultimately build a strong loyal customer base.

These group of customers can also become brand advocates for you when they talk about your products online and to their friends. They are somewhat like unofficial ambassadors for your company. This is the best kind, because it’s free! According to Nielsen, 84 percent of customers trust or consider a recommendation from friends and family members.

Here at ThunderQuote, we have come up with some of the ways we feel you can develop a strong brand loyalty with social media marketing. This is how you do it :

Having an effective social media marketing strategy is effective because it helps you steer your business in the right path. When you first start out, you need to realise that you will be relatively unknown in the market. But, part of your strategy shouldn’t be just throwing your brand out there constantly. No one likes too much advertising. Don’t assertively promote because people will get irritated and just unfollow you. Find a good way to balance things out. Do a healthy mixture of both advertising and getting to know your customers. Be someone who is there to provide them with reliable content.

It might also be important to note that social media isn’t there to just give you sales, it’s used to build a bridge between you and your clients. It will definitely help in the long run once you’ve built brand loyalty. Once you’ve created a bond with your customers you’ll realise that they’re returning more often and generating a valuable word-of-mouth advertising for you.  

When you start engaging with your customers on a more personal level you will see changes and improvements with :

  • Increased Conversion Rates Across The Board
  • Better Sales
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Heightened Insights To Customer Feedback
  • Better Knowledge of Where Your Brand Stands
  • Improved Search Engine Ranking on Google For Your Brand

Always strive to be a helping hand rather than a business. You still want to make sure you sell things, but more people will flock towards you once you’re established and they deem you as trustworthy.

We cannot emphasise how important it is to post valuable content that will help build your customer base in the long run. If you’re trying to sell a ride-sharing app, then you should post content like “How To Stay Safe When Traveling Alone”. This ensures that customers will stay interested in the content and once they’re hooked, they are more than likely to start sharing the information online and you have a brand advocate just like that.

This in return increases brand visibility immensely and you will be amazed at how far your company will grow then! Hire a good content writer or a content marketing manager to take over the responsibility of content marketing. This is because despite being great at what you do, you need to have someone who is trained to deal with online marketing. It’s a whole different ball game when it comes to digital marketing.

That being said, building a strong customer relationship is always the basis for brand loyalty.

Social media is the best platform to speak your mind. Because of that it is the perfect outlet to get your brand involved in current matters that is happening in your community. You can show your customers that you care and that your brand is willing to take part in community events to show your support for the people around you. People will feel more connected to a brand that dips its feet into regular day to day problems rather than just being another digital face.

The best way to get their attention is to always use hashtags and have someone to always keep up with the current trends. Always keep an eye on viral videos and news because you can jump on that bandwagon and have free advertising just by using a hashtag!

Your social media account can be turned into a public relations platform to also engage with your customers and other businesses about real time problems and not just about your company and your brand. This makes the brand look more human and more relatable which then translates into development of your brand loyalty.

This would be something you launch once your brand has taken off and you have a more stable business. Once you know that you’re getting good sales and amazing exposure, you can start taking notice of your most recurring and loyal customer. Look for the ones who constantly tag you in pictures, or the ones who buys the most products and the ones who are always there when you post things on social media!

You can offer them a coupon code for their next purchase or send them a free gift to review on their social media pages. The more ground you cover the better. Doing a rewards program will generate more views and more interest in your product alongside rewarding the customers who have been there for you from the start.

Ensuring you have a good marketing director and social media manager will be the backbone to the success of your brand loyalty growth through social media channels. Always look for someone that will carry your brand better through social media.


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