Looking for Clients? 7 Ways to Market Your Consulting Business

Credits: David Anderson & Associates

The consulting industry is rapidly changing in the way it communicates with its clients. You may feel like you have an unlimited number of competitors in this industry and so many ways to market and reach out to your clients. However, you’re limited by resources, time and money.

Based on our own research and experience in the consulting industry, we came up with 7 optimal marketing strategies for your consulting business.


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Do happier customers really translate to higher sales?



Do happier customers translate to higher sales is the question we often ask. Is customer happiness really worth it? Yes it does! It is revealed that 78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience according to an American Express survey. That is more than 3/4 of your customer base gone just like that and huge amounts of sales gone like that. Therefore to not lose these precious sales dollars, companies need to retain and attract new customers by improving their technological solutions for customers to be continually engaged with the brand.

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4 SEO Tips To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

With the proliferation of internet, information has become more accessible than ever. Everyday we are bombarded with tons of information and this has turned us into a society that is of short attention span. Let’s be honest. When browsing on Google, I am pretty sure none of us look past the first page. Even looking past the first 5 links is rare.

Therefore, if you want your blog article to be seen by your target audience, you have to make sure it is ranked high on the first page of Google.

Want to drive more traffic to your blog but have no idea how to go about it? Look no further for I have 4 Search Engine Optimising (SEO) tips to drive more traffic to your blog.

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Types Of Corporate Videos That We Feel Will Boost Your Brand Marketing


Video marketing is an old form of marketing but it has been rejuvenated and brought about again in a new light in the digital age. Nowadays there are so many types of marketing that most people might have forgotten the good old corporate video marketing and how useful it has been. When it comes to good and solid video marketing, you should cover all your bases and a good corporate video is something you should definitely invest in.

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List Of 20 Best Singapore Business Directories For Local SEO


It seems that everyone is constantly on the prowl for local businesses. If you didn’t know, Google realises that everyone wants to search for these businesses, so the search algorithm awards a higher ranking to business that can show Google that they are both relevant and local as well.

When Google changed up their new algorithm, this feature was changed up significantly because before, if you search for a place to eat, the results would have been very similar Singapore-wide. But now, thanks to the algorithm, the results vary depending on where you are exactly in Singapore. You will see different results when you’re in Woodlands compared to when you’re in Sentosa.

Note: If you’re planning to engage a website developer, SEO consultancy or digital marketing consultancy, you can use the ThunderQuote platform for free to get up to 5 quotes from trusted local service providers. 

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Spend Analysis, Part 4 (Final)

In our previous articles, we defined the concept and key activities of spend analysis using a basic business process. We revealed that the core function of spend analysis is to assign material categories which represent the supply market view to payment data incurred at the organisation level. This concluding article will help to define the material categories, and some metrics that could be adopted to manage the spend analysis program.

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Spend Analysis, Part 3

Financial Accounting View

As stated in our previous article, it is common for spend data to be extracted from accounting and financial systems. These systems are reliably maintained to provide payment data in currency units. It follows that spend data extracted from accounting systems do inherit a number of accounting terms with it, and these terms do not match Procurement’s view of the supply market. Let us use an example to illustrate the situation.

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How much does UI/UX design cost in Singapore? (UI UX Designer, Design Firm, Company) : ThunderQuote


Impressing your client is fundamental in growing your business, and this is can be done through UI/UX design. This guide by ThunderQuote aims to provide you with a rough gauge to calculate your total budget when hiring a UI/UX designer.

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