Six Reasons Why We Love Professional Website Design (and Why You Should Too!)

According to the Nielsen Norman Group, if you want users to stay on your website, you have to capture their attention within only a minute. Serving as both a 24-hour marketing vehicle for your business, professional web design is the key to a low bounce rate and a higher click-through rate (CTR). Let’s take a look at top six benefits that professional design for your web page can give you:

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The Impact of Social Media in Digital Marketing

If you are a digital marketer or someone who deals with marketing in general in this post-Facebook and Twitter world, you would know how important social media has become for your marketing campaigns. The impact of social media is far reaching and will do wonders for you company. Advertising is the next best way to get your product out there.

So what does social media marketing really do to your digital marketing strategy that is resulting in all the accolades in the marketing world?

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Automation In The Food Industry Is The Future

If you’re in the food and beverage business, you should know much hard work it takes to run a successful company. They all come in different shapes and sizes. They all require the same amount of hard work and dedication to make it successful. However, if there was a way to make your life much easier, would you take it up? In this article, we are planning to talk automation and how it will benefit in the F&B business. Automation software is going to be the next big thing that will help you increase productivity and sales for your company!

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Top 6 Marketing Trends to Look out for in 2017

Do you feel like your marketing strategy is not as affective as it was before? Well that’s probably because it’s coming to the end of February and you’re stuck on last year’s marketing strategy. It’s about time for you to make a change. Marketing strategies have to evolve with society’s demand and these days its all about the technology and social media. So here’s a little glimpse at the latest marketing trends for 2017.

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How to turn your App from Meh To A-MEH-zing

So you have a mobile app now, but the work definitely doesn’t stop there. In order to maintain customer satisfaction, you’ll need to constantly be upgrading your mobile app’s user experience (UX). You would always want to aim to create the best version of your app, and constantly be upgrading it to include new widgets or functions for your users.

Here are some key ways you can look to upgrade your mobile app UX.

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7 Advantages of Redesigning Your Website and How You Can Make Full Use of It

Many companies’ perception of website redesign is that it is an unnecessary task that is not only cost intensive, but time consuming as well. However, in this Digital age where there is increased reliance on online platforms to obtain information and knowledge, investing in a website redesign once every 1.5 years comes with a multitude of benefits for your business that make it worth the price tag.

Website redesigning doesn’t have to be entirely revamped in one shot too. Necessary updates once in a while can be easier, cheaper and faster than you think. And if you have trouble finding the right talents to design a webpage for you, there are many available sites for you to compare vendors.

If you are still thinking about whether or not to invest your money into renovating your website, here are 7 reasons that will convince you that website redesign will benefit your company.

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5 video marketing trends to watch in 2017!

In the age of digital marketing, content marketing reigns supreme. Many businesses today are investing heavily on content marketers in order to flourish their company blog and improve their search engine ranks. However as some companies plough through link after link, gathering keyword after keyword, they find that improving their SEO and drowning their blogs with articles may not necessarily give them the best conversion rate. This is because they’re not engaging users enough with their content. Blog articles can be interesting but they can also be long and boring.

So what’s the latest content medium is the world obsessed with? VIDEOS!

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8 Steps To Creating The Strongest Marketing Strategy

With a strong marketing presence, any company can rise to the top of it’s industry. However, getting to the top requires perseverance and hard work. Not every marketing strategy you come up with is a good marketing strategy. You need to be able to distinguish between certain marketing plans to come up with the best combination to hit your marketing objectives. The process of finding that balance comes with trials and tribulations, but it can be easily overcome the more hard work and research you put into it. The team here at ThunderQuote have created a list of the 8 key steps to creating the best marketing strategy for your team so that you reach your marketing objectives!

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Is Disruption Inevitable For Traditional Businesses?

Disruption is a phenomenon increasingly prevalent today as innovative startups restructure the entire business landscape and its operations with disruptive technologies. While disruption may bring about consumer benefits such as enhanced user experience and efficiency, it is a major cause of headache for traditional businesses.

The most prominent cases would be Uber and Grab taxi that made traditional taxi models obsolete with the introduction of mobile apps, and Alibaba that made shopping at physical retail stores redundant with e-commerce platforms. Even banks and insurance companies are facing disruption with the introduction of revolutionary finance technologies. Easy payments, b-b lending, savings and stock exchanges are all possible through the cloud today, making traditional business models of operations leaner and better.

Hence, as traditional businesses get crowded out of the marketplace with the advent of technology, they have to find a way back into the game. Here are three steps companies should consider in order to deal with disruption.

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5 Key Skills That Every Procurement Manager Must Have

Anyone who is making it in the procurement universe will tell you that the job is extremely hard but also highly rewarding. Procurement specialists are always working with suppliers on a daily basis and therefore the job would require them to have a high level of confidence and also a high level of intelligence to be able to work their way through the industry.

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