5 Benefits for Developing A Microsite That Will Skyrocket Your Marketing Strategy

Microsites can be turned into an extremely powerful marketing tool to be used in any marketing program. Since they are usually used for  specific product like a product launch, you can throw as much stuff in the microsite to make it better without having to compromise your original website.

In our previous post, we’ve discussed some main details of microsites and how to use them. There essentially are two main types of microsite marketing: the campaign heavy types of microsites and the long-term microsites that are updated regularly. They are all independent pages and they stand on their own away from the parent website. They usually have their own domains and URL’s.

So let’s break down the benefits of launching a microsite as part of your company’s marketing strategy.



#1 Reducing Cost

There is a large number of benefits of microsite marketing but reducing cost is definitely the most prominent one. Why? Because everyone would like to cut cost and save.

Microsites are great to have and plan out if you’re on a tight marketing budget. This is due to the fact that it doesn’t need as much maintenance when compared to a full on website. You spend less money trying to keep up the microsite and not having to constantly employ a developer to take care of the microsite for you.

The purpose of a microsite is to maintain one single role, which for example, may be a product launch. Therefore it’s easier to plug in Call to Actions (CTA) and because of that your Return Of Investments (ROI) is much easier controlled. Thus giving you more freedom and a better way to judge just how much you need to do to get a good return from the microsite.

#2 The SEO Advantage

Today, all content marketers are very adamant on ensuring that their sites are up to date with all SEO marketing strategies. SEO is the key to the kingdom that is Google’s first page of search results. The better your SEO, the higher you will rank on the Google search results page. The more you turn up on the results page, the more traffic you will get to your site. It’s basically the butterfly effect!

Every microsite is technically it’s own website. If you can be creative enough to create a site with a unique and memorable URL, it’ll be much easier for your customers and future customers to find you and remember just exactly where to find you guys later on. People are more attracted to catchy phrases, and unique websites. So think of creative ways to name your microsite and it’ll definitely be remembered by more people and potential customers!

Additionally, when you have that catchy name, it’ll be much easier for customers to find you and this helps a lot when it comes to SEO. The URL can be a combination of rich keywords that are ranked really high with Google Adwords making your website domain rank much higher. Include that a good content with even more keyword automatization and you will be aiming for the skies!

#3 The Speed

Since a microsite is a much smaller project compared to a full blown website lauch, it is definitely a lot faster to create and launch. The rapid implementation allows for much faster growth in a shorter time span. Microsites are the best solution when you have a seasonal promotion to launch since it can be created fast and placed online incredibly fast as well.

#4 The Streamlined Focus

When something is streamlined, it makes things easier for people to find their way around it. This leads to a better experience overall. Here, with a microsite, you can channel all products and services related to the microsite, directly to the microsite. This then allows your main website to be more clutter-free which also allows for a better web browsing experience for your website visitors. This helps your audience to carefully select the content that matters the most to them without having to helplessly look for something they need in a mountain of information.

This then brings us to a more focused way of marketing your brand. Since the content on your main website and your microsite are completely different, this poses a solution for clutter and it also makes sure that both those sites have their own focal point. Readers will have more clarity and they are given the option to easily find what they need on each site. Another way to make information much clearer is to improve the navigation on both sites. Hire a web developer to come in and change things up by improving the user interface. You have no idea how some small changes like that will improve the entire web browsing experience for everyone. The more your customers like your website, the more likely they are to return. Thus, this mindset is essentially very beneficial for you since it’ll grow your brand’s presence.

#5 The Effective Branding

Piggybacking on the previous point is the branding effectiveness that comes along with microsite building. This is more so when you are trying to market a new product that is different from the main product you are more known for. This is where using a microsite is effective because you can single out the branding for your new product without affecting the marketing of your older products.

Besides that you can ensure that the new product or service gets a lot more focus as well with a microsite. Imagine having to advertise your new product alongside your current products on the same website, it’ll all just turn into a mess. By having it’s own standalone microsite you can push for effective branding.

Microsite marketing is something we feel that everyone should try out sooner or later. It has so many benefits and it can only do good for your brand.


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