5 Business trends to follow in 2017

There are new trends every year that dominate businesses. In order to increase the chances of achieving success, it is important for businesses to adopt the trends. Having a good understanding of these changes will help you progress and thrive in the current market.

Here are five business trends that are most likely to have the largest effect on your organization:

#1: Live Video Streaming

Most businesses use videos for marketing purposes and it has been proven to be one of the most effective forms of marketing. Videos allow you to convey emotions and message effectively and efficiently.

Live Video Streaming has open doors to new possibilities. It allows businesses to share more personal moments closely related to their business. Live video streaming focuses on what is real and transparent as compared to the well-thought out commercially produced videos. It will also keep people entertained and that is an important part of this trend. Keep in mind that – people want to do business with people they trust and like. Hence, a live video showcasing your business from a new perspective may just be the most feasible approach to helping your business achieve success.


#2: E-commerce

E-commerce has been increasingly popular as it makes products and services easily accessible. It has been revolutionary in distributing goods and services to all parts of the world. There are many affordable and effective online platforms, which will allow you to sell your products or service to different parts of the world. This has allowed businesses to grow and achieve greater heights beyond the constraints of borders. If you haven’t you definitely need to explore e-commerce as a branch in your business. It will allow you to reach targeted audiences from different parts of the world. Hence, this trend will continue to thrive in 2017, as it makes it even easier for a business to reach their targeted market. 

#3: Social media and email marketing

Implementing the right marketing strategy will help grow your business beyond your expectations. I In the age of digital marketing, you need to exploit all your social media platforms in order to reach a wider audience. Social media platforms also provide tailored advertising packages which come with valuable data. This data gives you the right information that you would need to relate to the market you should be targeting. By reaching out to the right audiences, your products would be placed in the gift places. It also allows you to create meaningful relationships with the potential customers by engaging with them through comments or chats on your social media platform.

Aside from social media, the email is also a tool underrated by many companies. Some companies ignore emailing as a way of reaching out to customers and therefore completely miss out on a large demographic. You can make use of email marketing to send out newsletters to existing clients or promotions to subscribers. This will definitely earn you more conversions as you cast your net further out.

#4: Quality Content

We all know how much content marketing has grown in the digital age. In this year, it’s the same narrative. However, there will be a high demand for quality content instead of quantity. Creating a lot of content is insufficient to increase recognition of your company. Businesses must focus on the type of content they want to focus on and make sure that the content will stand out in the thousands of content articles available online. You do not need to be the best writer or have substantive prior experience with regards to writing. Instead, focus on – Who your target audience is? What are the topics of interest? What is the most effective way of writing?  Once you have covered these questions, you should be good to go!

Also, be sure to not neglect your keywords, those tools are still important in content marketing and will get you higher rankings on search engines.

#5: Customer experience will gain focus

Businesses have understood the importance of customer satisfaction and experience and this is the reason that most of their approaches would be customer-centric. Customer experience does not only involve providing products or services. It also includes surrounding circumstances such as – how you engage with customers when they are in distress or unhappy with your product/services; how you ensure that they get the support they need or how you package your product to show your customers that a lot of thought and effort had been put into gifting the product. Hence, good communication and personalised sales approach will help you develop good relations with customers.

These are some of the more significant trends that your business would need to take note of. You should analyse these trends and try implementing these business strategies to your business.

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