4 Budget Friendly Mobile App Developing Tools

With the massive growth of mobile app use these days, it’s hard to look past creating a mobile app for your business. You could potentially miss out on an important revenue source, if you don’t decide to develop one. However, the task of finding a mobile app developer might sound abit costly and developing one yourself seems like a daunting task. But you don’t always need a complicate app with expansive functions. It usually depends on the type of business you’re doing the complexity of your app differs. Most times you might just need a simple one you can whip up with these following tools:



PhoneGap uses Javascript to allow for the development of apps in HTML5 and CSS3, which are highly capable languages but almost needed for every mobile device. Developers are thus able to create the core of their mobile web apps that can engage with the APIs of mobile devices. PhoneGap has a beta service known as PhoneGap Build. This feature allows user to upload codes and receive apps that ready for launch for iOS, Android, and Windows. The apps are able to receive features such as geo-location, camera, push notifications and contacts.

This brand has boasted high profile clients such as Wikipedia, to launch its official app on Android, iOS and Playbook.

The cost to use Phonegap is free while in beta, but could set you back $ 250 for support plans to begin.


Branded Business Apps


Branded Business Apps boasts a simple five step app development process that allowed for the launch of Android and Apple apps in less than 48 hours. This tool is created mostly for the service industry. However, its functionality is limited to a basic set of close to 40 features. This app covers all the needs of most startups and SMEs. The brand’s process starts with a simple design questionnaire, which dictates the content and a basic copy. It is then dropped into a template selected from a basic list and voilà a product is born within a fraction of the time taken to develop a mobile app.

The brand extends to allow service-focused business to manage content through a content management system depending on the company’s needs following the launch of the app. This stretches beyond just the push notifications and geo-location functions. It also integrates with social networks as well as audio and video services.

The development cost of Branded Business Apps start at $399 and monthly management will set you back $39 a month.



If you’re sick of using templates, EachScape might a useful tool for you. It uses the building block approach, which allows the user to select components and drag-and-drop them in order to build his app. EachScape is able to generate apps for iOS, Android and HTML5. This approach is especially attractive because it expands both the aesthetic and functional capabilities of the apps it builds. It provides a wide range of functions from generic horizontal panels to more complex functions including Google Ads, Chat, HTML and video. The apps are then adapted to fit the code according to the operating system –Object C for Apple and Java for Android.

Additionally, EachScape runs a market place where they allow their users to request for certain blocks to fit a function that might be missing on the application. This allows users to create a highly customizable app to suit their company’s needs.

However, EachScape is definitely not cheap. It’ll set you back $2500 a month for their license. But an investment well spent for a high quality and customized mobile app.




If you want to focus on data collection then Canvas might be the best tool for you. It focuses entirely on data collection applications for small businesses. The apps provide businesses with the ability to record and request data before storing or distributing them through the Canvas cloud. Canvas has completely revamped the process of data collection with their technology. No longer will businesses need to collect data tediously infront of computers.

They’ve also created a market place where users are able to share experiences for different problems and provide solutions to those who may be facing the same.

Canvas also relatively affordable with 50cents peruse of each app and $20 for unlimited month use. And $210 for unlimited yearly use.


These sites will equip you with the right tools to develop a mobile app however, if you’re still uncertain about how you want your app you should hire a mobile app developer. This will get you the best results and guarantee a well made app to improve your customer’s experience with your business.


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