Top coding languages for Mobile App development

Moblie apps are an integral part of many customers’ user experience. If you want your business to stay competitive in the age of rapid technological expansion, your business definitely needs an app for itself. Not only will you improve the experience of your current users or clients, you’ll also be able to reach out to a wider network of people.

If you’re looking to create a mobile app, it is always advisable to engage an experienced developer to give you the best quality possible. However, if you’re up for the challenge, you can always develop one yourself. Here are some common coding languages you can pick up before starting on your mobile app.


If you’re focusing on building Android or Windows based apps, C++ is the best language for you. This language is one of the preferable ones in terms of its performance as it allows you to develop apps for virtually any purpose. It’s not the latest and most trendy of all languages. In fact, C++ has been around for a quite a while now – even before the inception of smartphones.

You’ll need atleast a compiler to start coding in C++. Visual Studio provides a C++ compiler or you can download GCC (MinGW) for something more standard compliant.

Learning Resources for C++



Objective-C is the superset of the C-language like C++. However, while everyone else was still relying on C++ for development, Apple decided t continued with Objective-C as its primary language for programming. A lot of similarities can be drawn in terms of functionality between Objective-C and C++ and it comprises of a lot of functions that deal with display like graphics and input/output functions. Objective-C still remains to be the vital component of Apple’s development framework and is integrated to the framework of its iOS and MacOS.

You’ll need to get Xcode, or you can use the GNU Objective-C compiler in a Terminal window to compile and run your program.

Learning Resources for Objective-C


Swift is also the other language you’ll need to know if you want to write codes for Apple apps. According to Apple, it was developed to work together with Objective-C although developers would typically work with Swift for complete programming. Swift is also slightly easier to pick up compared to Objective-C. With all the hype growing around Swift, it could be the most valuable language you could pick up.

You’ll need to download Mac OS X Mavericks or later (10.9+) or Install the XCode 7 IDE to start coding in Swift.

Learning Resources for Swift


Like C++, Java has been around for a while as well. It is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. Out of the Java family, (JavaScript, Enterprise Java Beans and Java) Java is the only you’ll need for mobile development. It is one of the best program languages for enterprises and frequent gives the best performance. The language can be run without the browser, making it extremely flexible in terms of software updates and reusing codes. Java primarily creates apps for Android and is the best option for Android apps. However if you want to create a common code that can run on multiple platforms, Java is the language you need.

You’ll need to install an IDE: the most commonly used are Eclipse and Android Studio to code in Java. Alternatively you can also install the Android Software Development Kit (SDK): the Android SDK contains the source code, libraries, development tools and emulator for you to create Android Applications.

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HTML 5 is definitely a reliable solution for web-fronted apps for mobile users. This language is a standard solution for app developers as it makes it easy for them to insert multiple data types, streamline input parameters, justifying variable screen sizes etc. You would definitely get your money’s worth with HTML5 as it proves to be both efficient and cost saving. A plus point would also be that it’s relatively easier to pick up HTML 5 than all the other coding languages. However, you cannot make apps with HTML5 alone, you need to combine it with JavaScript.

You can download Visual Studio Code (Windows), Sublime (Windows) or Brackets (Windows, Mac, Linux) to start coding with HTML 5.

Learning Resources for HTML 5 :


Let us know what other languages you think are better to code with in the comments below!


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