5 video marketing trends to watch in 2017!

In the age of digital marketing, content marketing reigns supreme. Many businesses today are investing heavily on content marketers in order to flourish their company blog and improve their search engine ranks. However as some companies plough through link after link, gathering keyword after keyword, they find that improving their SEO and drowning their blogs with articles may not necessarily give them the best conversion rate. This is because they’re not engaging users enough with their content. Blog articles can be interesting but they can also be long and boring.

So what’s the latest content medium is the world obsessed with? VIDEOS!

Users now would rather watch videos than plough tediously through long articles. With the collapse of traditional video formats, users are increasingly attracted to watch all types of informative videos. Social media sites are also increasingly making their platforms more video friendly. For example, Facebook launched Live 360 Videos, Snap Inc has made it possible to communicate via video with 16 friends on Snapchat and Instagram now have three different ways to communicate via video: Instagram Stories, live video and video direct sharing. With all these platforms available for you, read on to find out the latest video trends you can start working on.

Branded Videos

Gone are the days where content marketers need to plough through endless lists of keywords for their articles. While the role of keywords is still important, you can now shape them to fit a brand video instead. Brand videos are a great way to showcase your product or service to a wide audience. You can create a video to directly show your product, carry out interviews with industry influencers or even a video to provide tips on how to use your service. The possibilities are endless! The main point in using brand videos is to showcase your brand through novel ways. Videos like these will be able to engage your audience better and they will be able to absorb more information within the short few minutes as compared to reading a long-winded article. Facebook and YouTube are exceptionally useful platforms for videos like these and they’re mobile friendly too.

Live Videos

Live videos are a great way to interact with your existing followers or customers. This type of video is useful when you’re holding an event or celebrating a milestone in your company. You can take it a step further to show sneak peeks of your product, do demonstrations or even a Q&A session. Instagram, Facebook and YouTube all have a live video function which allows you to stream live videos instantly. Another up and coming app that solely focuses on livestreams is Periscope. That way, your users will be able to keep track of the latest developments or happenings within your company. There is also a live comment function on these social media platforms where your followers would be able to interact with you during the live feed.

Interactive Videos

Interactive vides are slightly trickier but equally as effective. These types of videos are especially useful when carrying out email campaigns. Emails advertising your company can be really boring and usually discarded after reading just title. By placing an interactive video, you’re engaging the reader and forcing them to continue through the email. This way, the reader will get more exposure to your company within a short period of time and they will be less likely to skip out on your emails. Interactive videos are also a good way to gather data on how many readers actually engage with your marketing campaigns and whether they’re effective enough to create valuable conversions.

Short clips

You may have heard that the best videos are usually short. While it may not be entirely true, short clips can be effective such that you know you won’t bore the audience with redundant information. Short clips will force you to only highlight what is important and get creative with portraying these messages. You can use these clips to showcase your product specs, or a short demonstration on the many ways to make use of your product or service. Almost all social media will be able to support short clips and you can explore producing square framed clips as well. A blog that use this medium well is Buzzfeed’s food channel: Tasty



Gifs have been around for ages, they’re basically extremely short videos that play on loop. These types of animations can add a lot of humor into your content article or marketing email. This makes your article extremely relatable especially to the younger generation. You can replace some boring expressions with funny gifs and animate your entire blog. You don’t even need to learn how to make these gifs, they can be easily found online or the ultimate gif platform: Giphy

Now that you’re updated, time to start filming your next marketing video! It is possible to do it entirely yourself but if you’re unsure or lack the equipment to do so, you might want to invest in a reliable videographer or rent some video equipment.

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