The Impact of Social Media in Digital Marketing

If you are a digital marketer or someone who deals with marketing in general in this post-Facebook and Twitter world, you would know how important social media has become for your marketing campaigns. The impact of social media is far reaching and will do wonders for you company. Advertising is the next best way to get your product out there.

So what does social media marketing really do to your digital marketing strategy that is resulting in all the accolades in the marketing world?

One of the most obvious ways social media marketing affects your digital marketing is that it will increase your social media standing in the long run as well. If you spend more time on your social channels, you will realise that social media advertising is the way to go. Social media, if done right, can and will significantly boost your search engine optimisation plans. The better your SEO, the higher you climb on Google’s ranking system. This in turn will make your page more discoverable. 

The more people see your product on social media, the better it is for your social standing online. It’s basically free marketing. Which is why digital marketing is such a great tool to have on your marketing arsenal. The more traffic you get the higher you climb on the ranks which will also in turn bring about much more traffic. It is a win-win situation and that is one of the impacts of social media on your digital marketing strategy for your company.

This will all become so much clearer after you execute your social media marketing plan and watch as the traffic to your site increase.


The best social media marketing advantage is how effective it is when it comes to brand promotion. It takes from the first heading we spoke about earlier. With social media, you get to promote your brand online and get more people to talk about it. With the usage of hashtags and constant status updates, you are ensuring that a number of people will be see your products or services. It might turn out to be better than a giant billboard on the highway.

It is also true that in the world of social media marketing or social media advertising, your customers are your best advertisers. This is because, if you can ensure that your company does what it says and is able to hit the targets that have been set out, your customers will in turn become your marketing arsenal. With retweets and shared posts, your potential audience will grow tenfold!

With regards to the previous point, never underestimate the creation of a loyal fanbase that comes with proper social media advertising. This comes with word of mouth advertising which is extremely powerful. This is because most people trust word of mouth referrals more than anything else. This just means that the more people you have as a fan base the better your chances are to create for business for your company.

A loyal fan base will turn into another superb social media marketing strategy. It is also a free one as well. The more customers you have the easier it is to convert more readers into customers just by having that first tier of loyal fans.

Since you’ve understood a few key impacts social media has in digital marketing, you would be inclined to ask how you can ensure that your company gets the benefits from these impacts. So, how does one reap the benefits of perfectly executed social media marketing?

You should ensure that you start implementing some of these practices to get advertising!


Using analytics to track how well your campaigns are doing is incredibly important to ensure that you know exactly what’s working and what isn’t. Try to implement weekly reports and monthly reports to ensure you have a proper overview on how your marketing strategy is changing and working to the betterment of your company.

Social media monitoring will do so much for you as you can see the direct impact of social media. There are countless of services that allow for proper analytics. Places like Buffer, and CoSchedule will let you see how well certain posts are doing.
Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Twitter Analytics and even Instagram analytics can give you an inside scoop on all your social media channels. Pick out the ones that are doing the best and try to recreate those results. Use social media advertising to your best advantage and using analytics is one of the best ways to ensure you know exactly what’s going on at any given time!

Tailoring each social media message for your target audience is also a huge practice you need to implement. Imagine sending out web developer tweets to people who work in the food and business industry. Sure, they might one day decide to create a website for their business, but that isn’t the main type of content they would hope from you. Keep everything streamlined and specific so you can hit your targets better. Once you’ve built a healthy following, only then you can make more niche topics like “why your food and beverage business needs a website revamp?”.
The most important thing here is the establish thought leadership first, amongst your reader. Only then will they be able to take you seriously and take your word for it. Then you will see the success that will come in with more business!


Ensuring that all your posts have been optimized for social media marketing is something you need to keep up with on a daily basis. You need to do this to ensure you get better SEO rankings as well as to drive more traffic to your site.

There’s no point just linking a blog post without ensuring you have the appropriate back links and referral codes for you to keep up with. This is to also help with social media monitoring to see what kinds of posts get shared more and why. All this data is so beneficial to the advancement of your social media marketing strategy.

It is important for you to note that social media has changed the face of digital marketing for the better. Everyone needs to get on it immediately and start milking it because it is the future and one day we will all realise how important it is! Social media marketing has helped create this new marketing channel that will help businesses grow exponentially if everything is executed perfectly. If you need help finding a perfect marketing consultant, head on over to ThunderQuote to find that perfect person for your team!

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