Ultimate Low Budget Marketing Ideas To Catapult Your Budding Business

There is a lot more to starting a business than just creating and selling your product or service. There are so many variables that need to be considered before starting up and you will realise that they will cost you a lot of money. Take marketing for example. How does one figure out a way to get one’s brand out there without breaking the bank?

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The Best Video Production Companies In Singapore

Corporate video production is an art that requires great skills. If you are planning to produce a great video to promote your business, you should not make the mistake of doing it by yourself. The number of video production companies in Singapore have been increasing in recent years. This is a clear indication that the demand for video production services has also increased and many people have started embracing the essence of capturing their various events. According to Singapore’s Economic Development Board the media sector has grown by 150% in the past 5 years. In 2013, the industry contributed S$8.9 billion in value-added (VA) and S$33.1 billion revenue to the economy, and employed approximately 76,400 workers. Creative video production company specializes in producing videos marketing, marketing video production and as well as acts as a video production agency. The vibrant Content & Media sector in Singapore consists of several industries, including media owners, games, animation, visual effect and publishing. Below listed are the best video production companies in Singapore.

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What is Corporate Video Animation?

Corporate video animation allows businesses to communicate their key selling points to their audience quickly, in a way that will keep your audience entertained and engaged. If you have a complex idea that needs explaining, often it can be told more easily through animated storytelling.  With a strong creative concept, an animated video is far easier to digest, bringing ideas and messages to life and making a lasting impression. Content production company strives really hard to capture an idea.  With a great creative concept, motion graphics and animation can take you anywhere.

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Top Examples of Business Optimising ERP Systems

The ERP system you choose will be with your business in one way or another for years to come and will have a big impact on how you do business. Getting a deeper understanding of how ERP solutions can transform your business, helps to get a better sense of what ERP actually is and how it works. Here’s a brief introduction to ERP and why it seems like everyone’s talking about it.

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How Much Does An Explainer Video for Your Business Cost in Australia

Today, there has been tremendous increase in visual content. Video is at the forefront of every marketing plan – especially for complicated products and services. Explainer videos are short, engaging, online videos that explain and promote a company, product, or service. Why invest in an explainer video? According to HubSpot , 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.

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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile App in Singapore? A Price Guide | ThunderQuote

Mobile apps are now integral parts of life and Singapore reports the highest smartphone penetration in the world at 90%. This multi-billion-dollar industry is clearly here to stay and it is a no brainer that everyone intends on riding the mobile wave.

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8 Great Ideas for Better Mobile App Marketing


Mobile app building is a term that is used to explain the act or process of building a software application for mobile devices, tablets, personal digital assistants and smartphones. These applications either come as a bundle when you purchase it or you have the web applications that uses server-side or client-side processing (e.g., JavaScript) to provide an “application-like” experience within a Web browser.  Mobile app building is so popular and has been showing a steady growth in both revenues also in job creation. It is not an easy task to build a mobile app as the software developers need to consider a long array of screen sizes, hardware specifications, and configurations because of not only the intense competition in mobile software but also the constant changes and challenges it faces.

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A new way to think about web design solutions

Reflect on the last time you searched for something online, only to discover that their website was old-fashioned and just – aesthetically unpleasing. Did you leave the website after realising how ugly and difficult it was to navigate?

Many people don’t find the need to change their homepage design because they’ve had it for awhile – and at one of point, it happened to work! However, what they don’t realise is that the failure to adapt to the rapid changes in our digital world could lead to massive problems in the future. Therefore, we must constantly be on our toes and develop new ways of thinking in order to develop new web design solutions. 

So why should you think of new ways to design a website?

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Mobile App Developers


Mobile app developing companies have the knowledge and skills to deliver world class mobile application development services. They excel with confidence to churn out some of the coolest mobile apps. However, creating a flawless mobile website is not an easy task. Mobile app development is far too complex and in depth for a simple perfect solution to exist.

The number of mobile users worldwide touched 4.43 billion in 2015, and the figure is expected to reach 5.07 billion by 2019. The rise of mobile usage has also resulted in a surge in demand and supply of mobile apps. However, expecting a free ride by conjuring up a namesake app is asking for trouble. Immersing yourself in the various screen sizes, framework intricacies, and dependencies can leave your head spinning. There are vast categories of smartphone and tablet apps in the market today that educate, enhance and engage users in multiple ways. For example, camera applications that take flawless pictures, finance apps manages our expenditure, or fitness apps that track our daily exercise. Mobile app developers have no option these days but to roll out mobile apps that are successful and competitive. Which means your app needs to be of high quality and have a high degree of user adoption.

Here we have prepared for you a quick cheat sheet to make sure you’re on the right track to creating the perfect mobile app!

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3 Tips for a Successful POS Implementation

If you own a restaurant or a café, a POS (or Point of Sale) system is something that can ease your daily operations by reducing paperwork and tracking inventory. A POS system is one that is designed to save your time on entering customer and orders data, purchases and overall managing business. A POS system is more convenient than a simple cash register: it can handle transactions beyond cash and credit card sales.

So how do you start choosing the right POS system or your business?

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