The Best Way To Approach A Mobile App Redesign


Changes are necessary and it is of utmost importance to focus on exactly what it is that needs to be changed. If a mobile app development company is in the process of a redesign, they obviously already know that something isn’t working. Before making changes, however, it is important to determine exactly what the problems are before altering something that might have been working. The first thing to understand is; why is the app being redesigned?

The team here at ThunderQuote wants to help you determine the problems and figure out the best way to approach your mobile app redesign. It is a stressful project to work on so we wanted to list down the ways you could best approach it so that it turns into a great experience for you and your team.

With any UX design the first thing to determine is what is working and what is not working but this can only be measured against what the users are trying to do and what the business aims to achieve. Any kind of redesign should be approached carefully, be it for a website or a mobile app. The main reason for this precaution is that years of brand image building could go to waste if people can no longer recognize or relate to the new design. According to Nielsen, 89 percent of mobile media time comes via mobile apps.

The best approach for mobile web redesign

Communicate With The Team You Have Hired

Lack of proper communication falls as the number one factor in unsuccessful collaborations. The process of building or redesigning a mobile app is long and complex, involves decision making at multiple stages and making changes as required by unforeseen circumstances. Open and clear communication is a great time saver when working with an app redesign team. Beyond making your brief as detailed as possible, you should always provide insight on any aspect which you consider relevant for the designers to understand in terms of development of apps, mobile app building and how to build an app.

Find Out The Real Issue 

You need to understand that a clear definition of an issue is necessary in determining various actual situations reported by users of erratic behavior or malfunctioning. By providing the team of designers with in-depth details of the issue, they can look into it, identify the core problem and fix it. Otherwise, it is probable that a “cosmetic” redesign would leave functionality issues unsolved.

Get New Branding Ideas 

Preparing a detailed image of your soon to be redesigned mobile app development is necessary. The designers need to understand exactly what emotions, value propositions and customer-centric values your new mobile app should express by its new interface and functionalities. That’s why brands invest in redesigning their logos, websites and mobile apps. As their users begin to embrace a new wave of design and cultural aesthetic, brands must adapt. And when it comes to mobile, brands also have to adapt to new technologies, screen sizes and functionality.

Get To Know Your Users and Target Audience

Before you go rushing out to do any design or feature prioritization it is important to understand your users better and in a mobile context. Some of the mode of understanding users will be their preferred internet access, how much time do they spend interacting with your site as well as mobile experience. 

Mobile Design Ideas

If your users access the mobile web from their desktops at the office, that’s awesome, but many users don’t. They’re going to be using them in the supermarket, on their daily commute and perhaps right before they go to sleep at night? Will your current design work with the lifestyle of your readers? Will you use responsive design or adaptive design? All these questions will bring us back to determining a design for the user’s needs specifically and how they will work across all platforms known to man today. The design should be simple and easy. It should be easy to communicate with and be easy enough for users to understand it’s interface. Mobile app redesigns are usually commissioned for specific reasons derived from prior data analysis. They have established what the perceived problems are. Probing more on the information can be a little confusing to users. Ask for information on how users interact with that view and beyond. If you redesigned the dashboard view, perhaps the subsequent views need to correspond design-wise. It could also be that the old icons elsewhere in the app have to go. Maintain consistency with the rest of the mobile app. Needless to say, it is disastrous if the look and feel of an app differs from one screen to another. A mobile app redesign project in which your tasks are precisely defined can be a relief. It can also restrict your creativity and you have to accept that.

If you feel like your app is in need of a redesign, we hope that these tips would have helped you a little in figuring the logistics out for your mobile app redesign! If you do need more professional help, head on over to ThunderQuote to find the best vendor that will suit your needs perfectly.

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