10 Tips To Create Traffic-Generating Video Content!

Colours, objects moving around, different types of background, these are all the things that you get to see when watching a video and are sure to capture your attention. People do not mind spending a few minutes going through a video as compared to reading a 2 page long article about your content. This is because when creating a video one is sure to include all relevant and useful information that people can be easily grasped in that 1-3 minutes video. So what goes in and what doesn’t go in when creating a video content? Here are some things to consider when creating video content;

Video content is taking over the world and you should definitely jump on the bandwagon to another branch of marketing that has been proven to work! Rich media is something that has been around for a long time but with the fruition of Snapchat and apps like Vine, short snippets of videos have been becoming super famous and using that for marketing is just a genius idea!

Here are some things to consider when creating video content;

  1. Hire a professional to make sure your video is of good and high quality that speaks up professionalism. You need to make sure that the video taken is in high definition and uses proper and high technology equipment otherwise it will look rather shabby. High Definition cameras, proper lighting kits and audio tools are certain to give your video that professional touch. Video’s that are in HD will certainly appeal to more people and the message you would like to sent across  will be able to be captured perfectly.
  2. Create a video that features your brand in a form of a story that is unique and is able to capture the attention of many. Plan your story well to make sure that the flow of your story is smooth and aligned with your brand. Make sure to include all important aspects that shouts out about your brand and make the video as creative as possible.
  3. Make sure you have an editing team ready once your video has been completed. This is a tedious task and best leave it to the experts to do the editing for you. Let their innovative minds work on choosing the best clips for your content. Editing also includes enhancing the colours and looks of your video so it is best to leave it to a professional to produce a mind-blowing video
  4. Spice up your marketing videos by including animations. Interesting and appropriate animations are sure to give your video a better image and would also be able to capture more attention. Surprise your viewers with cool and funky animation but of course making sure that it is line with your brand. Creative and amusing animations that is new and different to them would surely linger around their minds longer. This would then be beneficial for you as you want your brand to stick into people’s mind and not to be forgotten easily.
  5. Touch the emotional side of your customers. According to a research conducted by Scott Magis, Alan Zorfas and Daniel Leemon, customer who are fully connected emotionally to a particular brand spend twice as much on an average compared to those who are not so emotionally attached. Take full advantage of this and be sure to know what touches the emotional part of your customer, which also brings us to our next point.
  6. Conduct a thorough market research before creating marketing video content. You must know your target market, their needs and how to tackle them into buying your products or services.
  7. Do not create a marketing video that is too lengthy. For example, in the Facebook Tips video which is a tutorial video, it provides all answers that a user is looking for in just under 20 seconds. So creating a video that portrays a big impact but keep it short as a marketing video like this is a better option compared to a long winded video that might just bore your customers.
  8. Keep up with the current trends and demands of your target audience. If you have already produced a video, follow up with a promise of another new release that will be even more interesting than the current one. People like to watch new and current stuff, so be sure to keep up with their demands. Also be consistent, you cannot afford to create one video and leave a too big gap before releasing the next one. People will easily erase you off their minds if they do not consistently hear about your brand.
  9. Hire a digital video editor. Digital video editors are gifted or probably studied really hard to posses incredible skills in delivering recorded video content. They have the ability to convey a recorded content better than anyone else as they have the upper hand in technical abilities. They didn’t earn a degree just for fun so hire one and make good use of them.
  10. Last but not the least is publishing the video content. You are more than welcomed to hire a marketing video production company to create and publish an exceptional video for you. Besides that, a marketing video production company is also able to advise you on where and when to publish your content. You need this publishing support from an experienced production source because you want your content to be displayed on the right platform and to to reach the right target market. In addition, marketing video production companies are equipped with the latest technology, amazing creativity, and tactful planning; all the qualities that you need to be in par with your competitors. They are also able to plan strategic campaigns, create impactful contents and also measure ROI as that is vital in any business to produce remarkable results.

It sure takes a lot of hard-work and time to create and publish a high-performing content video. But, with the right strategy, creativity and a reputable marketing video production company nothing is impossible to be done.

Recognising the fact that you need videos to move your brand is the first step and here at ThunderQuote, we are always here to help!

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