7 Misconceptions To Bury For A Successful Mobile App

The mobile app market is extremely saturated. Therefore, many circumstances may result in the failure of a mobile app. If a user finds a particular mobile application difficult to use or had an unpleasant experience with the app due to its aesthetics, the user will most likely install a new application rather than stick to the current application. One of the most common reasons why mobile apps fail is due to the failure to attract users through design and maintaining consistency during the lifespan of the app.

So the team here at ThunderQuote today is trying to break those limitations to allow for a better lifespan of your app. Every app starts with a great idea and it’ll be a shame to just watch that idea go to waste.

Mobile App Designers should always consider these two questions:

  • Can the app showcase a simpler design without looking boring or repetitive?
  • Can there be more pleasing details added to the app? If yes, will it serve as a distraction to the main purpose of the app?


  1. First impression matters

The first impression of the app is crucial because it is the sole factor that makes a potential user stay on your app. If your mobile app design appears to be confusing or boring to users, potential users may be disinterested and eventually uninstall the application. The mobile app design needs to be easy to use which will allow users to be able to understand how it works without having to rely on a video tutorial or fumbling around with the app before fully being able to use it. Therefore, before you release an application, you should collect feedback from different people regarding your mobile app design. Or hire a team of testers to help you with the UI and UX of your mobile app. Having some professional input will go a long way!

Some things may look feasible and pleasing to you, but it may be different from a third party point of view. Make sure you target the audience you are planning to work with remains your main target because these are the people that will be using your app in the long run. Keeping their best interests in mind is always going to be your top priority!


  1. Purpose of your app

Many design teams stick with their initial ambitions and fail to acknowledge the fact that apps are often designed to follow trends. Your purpose is the only factor that should be conveyed consistently throughout the app. Conveying this purpose to potential users will help them understand why the application was developed in the first place and what it aims to achieve. This helps your users form an impression of you and may or may not convince them to use your application.

Your idea is always going to be the main crux of the app but the portrayal of that idea can be done in various ways. But make sure that the main idea remains visible and easily understood throughout the app to allow for cohesiveness.


  1. UX Design Mapping

You should never skip planning an application’s UX architecture before starting on the designs. Map out the structure and flow of the application to ensure that it is feasible. Designers are too caught up with designing an application that looks good. However, app design is not the only thing a designer should pay attention to. Most apps fail from the lack of flow and organisations rather than the minor details. Once the plan is completed, then you should start paying attention to the details of the design.


  1. App Development Budget

What is the budget for your app? After rounds of planning for your mobile app, you should try and get a budget from the development team. This is to ensure that you do not start designing and developing an application only to realise that you might need to start cutting important features. You should consider comparing the rates of different app designers to find the one that fits your budget.

Always ensure that you find a team that has a working portfolio that they can already show you from the start. This will allow you to have a working idea on how much an app would cost! Having this idea will help in you being able to come up with the budget without worrying about hidden costs in the future!

  1. Cramming in Design features

Some might say, the more design features in the mobile app, the merrier. But, this is not true. There is a difference between cramming a mobile application with features and designing an app that allows users to navigate around it efficiently. The best technique is to start with the basic features that you know will work effectively for your users. After you gain your own user base, start upgrading your mobile app design to include additional features.

Updates and upgrades can be done easily so this just shows you that you don’t need to put everything into your app right away. Always keep testing and keep recording how your users react to certain features of the app.


  1. Importance of App Context

Many app designers do not place priority on the context of the mobile app. A good app design will always consider the context in which it is used.

Some important factors you would need to consider when looking at the app context are:

  • How long is the app intended to be used for?
  • What additional features should be added into the application to make it easier for users?
  • Who is the target audience for the app?
  • How might the type of user affect how the design of the app?


  1. How complicated is your app design?

You should never over-complicate your app design. When an app designer starts to add unnecessary features to make the app more appealing, it is likely that these features will lack value to the app itself. Do not let your design get in the way of the actual function of your application!

Always remember to create an app that is simple enough for the masses. It is true that mobile apps have been around for many years, but there are some people who are still not well-versed in working with these apps.

Building an application is difficult, as it requires a lot of planning as well as a good design. Therefore, hire a designer you trust as the success of your mobile app will rely on him/her! Head on over to ThunderQuote to find the perfect designer to kick start your successful mobile app journey!


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