3 Tips for a Successful POS Implementation

If you own a restaurant or a café, a POS (or Point of Sale) system is something that can ease your daily operations by reducing paperwork and tracking inventory. A POS system is one that is designed to save your time on entering customer and orders data, purchases and overall managing business. A POS system is more convenient than a simple cash register: it can handle transactions beyond cash and credit card sales.

So how do you start choosing the right POS system or your business?

There is a great variety of companies providing POS systems, probably as many as there are types of restaurants. And, of course, it is crucial that you choose the right system according to the needs of your business.  It goes without saying that different types and sizes of restaurants have different software and hardware needs, so what you can start with is simply matching the business type that you are running with the system that would be most productive for your business.

There are many different factors that contribute towards a successful POS implementation. In the yearly report published by the Hospitality Technology, it was stated that 59% of people who participated in the survey wanted fresh and innovative features added to their existing POS systems, 58% were trying to meet EMV compliance and 52% wanted more integrations with other POS management systems in their next POS support upgrade.

Some business owners do not know what to pay attention to when considering a new POS system. It is no doubt that business owners will need to go through the different feature developments, advanced system functions as well as prepare for policy compliance. However, these three tips will allow business owners to realise the importance of getting a successful POS implementation.

Tip 1: Set clear expectations

Implementing a POS support system is not difficult if you have realistic expectations of what you want to achieve at each stage of installation. This will help to eliminate the confusion that occurs during implementation. You must always consider the essential questions – Do you have enough time to physically install and test the system before the opening date? Do you have access points to the terminals with no interference?

If you do not think about these issues before the new business opening, you might have difficulty solving these issues in the future.

Tip 2: Learning how to use the POS support system

 We all take time to learn new things – especially if it is a highly advanced POS system. All the employees who will be accessing the POS support system should be familiar with the usage of it. Therefore, you should always get a vendor who will provide free online training tutorials. On the other hand, you might also get training with a product expert to maximise the usage of the POS support system!

Tip 3: Communication is key

It is essential for business owners to communicate with managers and staff. In order to implement a successful POS support system, the staff and managers should know the features of the POS system inside out. This will make their jobs easier and thus, allow your business to function more effectively. In addition, communication with your employees will allow you to get feedback about the system itself. Therefore, the POS management system will create an ideal environment for staffs and customers.

A well thought out plan for your POS implementation will ensure success for a long period and ultimately easy your operations and cut down on cost. In order to help your business achieve success, keep these tips in mind and find the right vendor to get you started!

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