A new way to think about web design solutions

Reflect on the last time you searched for something online, only to discover that their website was old-fashioned and just – aesthetically unpleasing. Did you leave the website after realising how ugly and difficult it was to navigate?

Many people don’t find the need to change their homepage design because they’ve had it for awhile – and at one of point, it happened to work! However, what they don’t realise is that the failure to adapt to the rapid changes in our digital world could lead to massive problems in the future. Therefore, we must constantly be on our toes and develop new ways of thinking in order to develop new web design solutions. 

So why should you think of new ways to design a website?

Design thinking can help you solve many problems. In order to come up with a new homepage design, you must think of innovative ways to improve your homepage design.

Therefore, the problems that design thinking can help you solve are –

  • Problems affecting different groups of people
  • Involving multiple systems
  • Shifting market and behaviours
  • Coping with fast social and market changes
  • Issues relating to new business models
  • Issues relating to new technology
  • Complex societal challenges
  • Educational advances
  • Problems that data cannot solve
  • Entrepreneurial initiatives

Web design solutions should be able to address problems where many spheres relating to a business collide. Here are some tips to help you build websites that do not have the same old grid-based layouts:

Find new ways to direct attention

A grid-based website is typically made up of rectangular objects.  Therefore, utilising circles or other shapes on your website will capture the audience’s attention as it clearly deviates from the norm.

Apart from the shapes you choose, you should also note that how the shapes are connected will affect how the user view your website. In this case, grid layouts can be read very naturally, but innovative layouts leave the eye to wander and figure out what to look at next.   If you managed to create a webpage that allows the user to follow the path with their eyes – it will be a successful trick to improve user experience.

Control the number of Objects

You may consider having mouse-controlled animation. For example, when you move your mouse over the certain object, you would expect to see something pop out or a different effect that stimulates an improved user experience. In addition, you should consider the minimalist look – and not clutter as many objects as you can on your website.

Importance of Structure

Despite straying away from the grid-based layouts, it is important that you do not forget how essential it is to structure your website. It is definitely more difficult to read content when they are not placed in solid and simple alignments. However, if you choose to make your website look more attractive and not use the grid-based layouts, you should keep in mind that there must be symmetry in your website design. Well-balanced websites will look refreshingly unusual but will definitely appeal to a wide audience.

Thinking of new web design solutions is not necessarily just following a process or set of steps. It involves critical thinking and solving a set of collective problems. It is also the mindset that can be applied in many scenarios where innovation is required. It should be combined with different business strategies and it would change depending on the context.

It takes a lot to develop and design a website. Therefore, design thinking is essential to make sure that you make sense of things and approach obstacles you face with an open mind. A conformist will not be able to come up with web design solutions that would be able to improve his or her business. It all starts with a desire to understand the current needs of modern society and wanting to come up with web design solutions.

Therefore, if you are looking to find a good website designer, be sure to pick one that suits your needs. A suitable website designer will be able to understand your needs and come up with innovative changes in your website design.


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