10 Misconceptions About Web Design Solutions

It’s vital for businesses to have a solid online presence. The burden to have a great website has increased. However, people often have predetermined notions about web design that are simply wrong. Allow the team here at ThunderQuote help you break the mold by listing down the 10 most common misconceptions so that you know what to do when you are faced by certain decisions!

Here are 10 misconceptions about web design solutions.

Web Design Is Easy

This is one of the most common and detrimental misconceptions around. It is not “easy”. A stunning website that looks uncomplicated and is easy to use did not get that way without an excessive volume of hard work. Since responsive design has become customary, building a website takes at least twice as long as it did when the site held a static size. 

Responsive websites use complex programming to resize and shift all of the page elements to fit any screen size. Changing the position of elements in the header or navigation is far more complicated than just moving it a few pixels. It must be coded to render properly on many different screen sizes and devices to ensure the best user experience.

Each button and feature on a website takes hours of coding. Graphics take research, and most are made from scratch. You  get what you pay for when it comes to web design and development. There will be many people and businesses that will boast low hourly pricing, but deliver poor quality websites. And if potential customers are passing you over because of a low quality website, you just wasted money

Their Website Will Go Viral Immediately

To a certain degree, web design solutions professionals are responsible for optimizing the development of the website and making sure that it loads quickly. It isn’t an exact science to know whether the site design will go “viral”. This buzzword has been going around for some time now and some services peddle it like a feature.

What web developers can do besides offering designs for web pages is to explain to clients that getting their website to go viral is a different service they are looking forand then refer them to a service that they can use. Take the opportunity to understand and explain how things work, rather than be frustrated with expectations.

Design first. Add content later.

Content is the most important part of any website. You need to understand what your website is going to be about before you can create one. There is no other way of doing this other than by creating content.

Use your company’s buyer persona to decide who your main audience should be and create content around that. But remember, quality over quantity is key. You don’t need 10 pages that are packed full of information. Focus on delivering your user exactly what they need to understand your business, and nothing else.

Web Designers Should Respond Immediately to Every Single Request

A common misconception about the development of website is that web design solutions professionals only have one project at time and are dedicated 24/7 to it alone. Good web developers would have a large client base. Most would know ignore requests or queries from customers but they would be working on multiple projects at any given time. It doesn’t mean that they don’t value you as a client. You mind someone who could put together a sub-par site by communicating just with you, but every good site requires hard work.

I Only Need One Website

The days of making just one version of your website are over. You’ll need to optimize your site to do well on different search engines. You also need a version for every viewport. It means building mobile, desktop and tablet versions of your website.

This also means that your development of websites can’t simple include creating a mobile site that looks good on a vertical iPhone. It also has to do well horizontally and on different phone sizes.

Since They Made Your Website, They’re Forever Responsible for Any Redesign

Some clients of web design solution companies tend to depend on them for redesigns and everything else possible after a certain project is done. It may start innocuously with a font or background colour change to be included in the after-sales service.  

However, this misconception can be countered by using contracts for freelancing. Look at the grace period clause before any work begins. Most web designers will give you a day or two to send in your revisions.

A larger project may require a longer testing period. Give the developers a date to do changes by. Beyond that, you should pay them for any change requests.

All Important Information Has To Be Above the Fold.

It may have been a good rule five years ago, but now, only newspapers follow this format. Users nowadays are more used to simply scrolling down a page to find what they need. When choosing what to out above he fold, keep it simple. Show your company’s good side. Use a great photo and with a call-to-action to help guide users.

Once the Website is Live, the Project is Done.

If you get a good designer, they’d care about you and expect the site to never be fully complete. Depending on its size, you could expect spending at least three or more hours per week doing updates and fixing bugs. They’re unavoidable. Company growth, user feedback and changing trends may also require designs for web pages to be updated.

I Can Cancel A Project At Any Time And Pay Nothing.

This is another good reason to work with a contract. You are human and might be constantly changing your mind. You might say when you want a project done and then not contact the developers for weeks and then come back and tell them you changed your mind. It may be frustrating, but ask if the developers would require a deposit upfront. It’s common practice to ask for a starting fee before beginning any work.

It also prevents the web developers from bailing on you halfway since they’ve committed financially to your relationship. Ask if they have a cancellation fee if the project is a large scale one. This will reduce the money you’ll spend if the project ends up getting cancel through no fault of your own.

Everyone Should Get Involved

While it’s good to have everyone on the same page, it’s not advisable to have every single person in your company involved in every meeting about web design. It is a massive time waster. It alters the design workflow. It is much better to have or two dedicated contact points. It’s for a simple reason. It’s much simpler to revise needs for one or two people and maintain a strong design. Too many cooks spoil the broth. It creates confusion and slows down the entire designing process.

We think that it’s time to finally pay some respect to our fellow web designers and their work. It is known that sometimes they are overworked and underpaid, so we hope that we have shown you what people might get wrong and let’s all work together to make it right and change our perceptions!

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