5 Ultimate Reasons To Have A Video Marketing Strategy

Millions of people are creating new video content daily. But how many videos have you seen versus how many are out there on the web? Without a strategic marketing tactic to get it noticed and stay relevant, there is little purpose behind creating a video that will just take up space on your web page. Establishing a video marketing strategy can sound intimidating, especially for a startup. Chanel invested $33 million commercial video starring Nicole Kidman, how do you develop a video strategy when your entire budget is about 0.01% theirs? 

The team here at ThunderQuote wants to help you innovate and create the best video content you can for your company and your brand! Here are some of the main reasons why we think you need a video marketing strategy, today.

Creating footprint in the market

First of all, you need to thoroughly research and develop your content marketing, digital marketing and social media marketing. Many companies have this misconception that they need to put in a new video to engage customers and to keep them returning to their website. But it is rather the concept of quality than quantity that matters. Over the past year, video appears to have evolved from a novelty into a mainstream method for executives to receive business information.

Forbes Insights, surveyed more than 300 C-level and senior executives at large U.S. companies ($500 million-plus in annual revenues) to learn more about how they are approaching Web video as a source of business-related information. Corporate executives and video usage revealed that 75% of all executives claimed watching work-related videos on business websites at least once a week, and more than 50% claimed that YouTube was the most popular video search engine used to watch those videos.

Improve Brand Reputation

Video marketing can help your company achieve many important business goals. You should carefully map out your video strategy alongside a holistic inbound marketing process. Whether it is Content Marketing , Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing you have to figure out which element will best support your goals. Implement a plan that has the right combination of metrics for a successful inbound marketing strategy using video. Video marketing is critical to helping people connect with, remember, and care about your brand.

  • Video-based multimedia material create better learning performance and more positive emotion
  • Videos are usually presented as stories, and stories are 22x more memorable than facts alone
  • Positive emotions created by watching a video can actually impact your viewers’ buying decisions
  • The human brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than text

Helping your audience accomplish their goals: Beyond brand-building benefits, video is ideal for topic tutorials, product demos, process guides, and other practical resources that help you live up to the promises of value and service your brand makes to its prospects and customers.

Interactive and personalized video content

Video marketing and content gives your company a human face, builds trust and allows your prospects to see your product in action. For many years, interactive video has been discussed in the context of business to consumer (B2C) commerce. For example, a potential customer can see a video of a pair of shoes on their social media news feed and simply click the video to purchase. New technologies designed for B2B marketers are making it easy to turn videos into engaging, lean-forward experience that can help turn viewers into customers.

There are so many ways to use a video as an interactive experience with mid-roll surveys and questionnaires, and choose-your-own-adventure style videos. Video personalization is the idea of weaving the viewer’s name, company logo, or social media profile picture seamlessly into the video content in order to include the viewer in the story.

Be Experimental and Portray Originality

At the end of the day, video marketing is not about bringing in huge budgets and using latest effects to make the content look cooler. It’s about sending a message in a unique way and sustaining in a highly competitive market. There are many companies that are selling the same or somewhat-similar services and products as you do. But, there is always a new way to add a personal and unique touch to your marketing pitch. Try to be simple and approachable to your clients. Simplicity and playfulness will go a long way.

Call to Action

We must recognise content as the key factor in creating an effective video marketing strategy .Content goes beyond the concept of the video itself. You want prospects and consumers to engage with you.  A high-quality video is intended to get more sales and ultimately make more money. A Call to Action, or CTA, simply means, instructing your audience to partake in a suggested response, usually immediately.  Some examples of CTA are: “Follow us on facebook,” “Visit our website,” “Request a demo today,” or “Fill out the form on this page.”

CTA’s are generally short and simple, but essential to take a viewer from prospect to customer.  The short and simple rule of thumb is ideal because nobody wants to waste their time sorting through an excess of content. The best way to utilize this strategy is at the end of the video.

In order to position your creative video as a high-performing centerpiece of a successful content marketing strategy you need to have a right plan, a little creativity, and some smart decision-making.

ThunderQuote is here to help you figure out your video marketing strategies because we understand how important it is to your entire marketing strategy!

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