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Every picture tells a story, so the saying goes. In a corporate setting, a photograph is an efficient tool to document a company’s growth and successes, a means of generating publicity for their products and services, and a method of capturing key business processes, personnel and key moments at company events. It is also designed to reach out to targeted segments of society, ranging from fresh graduates and professionals for hire, to potential investors. Corporate photoshoots can net quite a handsome sum for skilled photographers, and it is increasingly common to find that photography studio hires are also moonlighting as freelancers.

In recent years, corporate photoshoots have gone beyond the conventional and ordinary to make room for more creative shots in natural settings, portraying businesses as accessible and relatable. Many corporations have moved away from stiff portraits where possible, preferring a more relaxed approach. Although businesses still require professional studio photography services for official photos of employees for websites, newsletters and publications, many are now looking to their in-house staff to direct corporate photoshoots, due in part to rising professional photography prices. Internal staff members would also have a better understanding of the company’s corporate values and image that management would like to project, giving them a leg up when compared to photography studio hires.

In this article from the team here at ThunderQuote, we take a look at six styles of corporate photoshoots employed by businesses to raise the profile of their companies. Each style has its own distinct uses, and involves diverse skill sets, techniques and requirements.

Studio portraits

Studio portraits are usually included in company publications such as annual and financial reports and newsletters, and may also be used by the corporate communications team for external publications and press releases. They are styled in a manner that projects the corporate identity of the organisation, which is distinct from one organisation to another. A key benefit of professional studio photography is the instant availability of the necessary equipment to conduct a corporate photoshoot. An experienced photographer will be able to optimise the lighting and equipment available to produce good quality photos that meet the client’s requirements. Professional photography prices for corporate studio portraits may range from SGD300 to SGD750 per session, with separate additional charges for hardcopy or digital print outs.

Outdoor portraits

Outdoor portraits make for a more engaging set of photos and can be used to highlight a company’s building or location. Many modern office buildings today are equipped with green technology such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems and power saving fixtures that promote energy efficiency and sustainability. It is becoming increasingly common for businesses to highlight these green features in their buildings, especially in Corporate Social Responsibility reports. Growing awareness on environmental issues has also prompted many companies to portray themselves as champions of sustainable and environmentally-friendly business practices.

Compared to professional studio photography, outdoor portraits do not provide photographers with full control over the lighting. Corporate photoshoots may therefore be at the mercy of inclement weather or poor lighting conditions outside of the office building. Rates for outdoor portraits may vary according to location and the number of staff involved, and some photographers also charge for on-location travel and setup expenses.

Business-in-action shots

Business-in-action shots are generally used in profile articles. It gives readers more insight into a company’s business processes and serves to highlight personnel and their roles. For example, pictures taken in the factory of a vehicle manufacturer would showcase how car parts are fitted on the assembly line, giving readers a glimpse into the machinery and equipment used, as well as the process of assembling cars. Business-in-action shots are also used to lend a human element to an organisation by ‘putting a face to the brand name’. Most people would be more inclined to purchase a product or service from a particular company if they can relate to the product or service offered, or feel that the company and its personnel place importance on their customers. One way to achieve that is by using business-in-action shots to showcase the inner workings of the organisation.

Group portraits

Group portraits require some advance planning and several considerations in terms of lighting levels, space and the arrangement of subjects in the photo. Taking group shots requires the photographer to focus on more than one subject and ensure that there is enough space to fit everyone into the picture. Professional studio photography services are generally employed to capture group portraits, which are used to give the viewer a sense of camaraderie between team members. Professional photography prices for group portraits vary according to what is included in the package. For example, professional studio photography services may cost less when done at the studio compared to if the corporate photoshoot was done outdoors or offsite. Photography studio hires also have extra charges for edits and outfit changes.

Environmental Portraits

Environmental portraits make use of the location of an organisation’s headquarters or the building where its products are manufactured to provide a glimpse into the everyday processes of a business. Similar to business-in-action shots, they provide context to the organisation and the people who represent it, and give insight into the office settings. Corporate photoshoots of this kind are generally published in brochures targeted at graduates and potential hires, and are designed to portray the company as an employer of choice. Charges for environmental portraits may also include travel and accommodation expenses, if applicable.


Headshots are commonly used for corporate events such as conferences or symposiums to introduce speakers or delegates. It is also placed on company websites to introduce their upper management and support personnel. A corporate headshot generally takes about 10 minutes per person to shoot. To ensure that your corporate headshot is flattering, it’s important to be well groomed, smartly dressed and relaxed when having your photo taken. The idea is to capture your most flattering angle and a sincere smile that projects professionalism. Charges for corporate headshots using professional studio photography services are usually less if there are more subjects.

Corporate photoshoots that are well executed can elevate the stature of a business in the eye of the beholder. Regardless of whether you opt for professional studio photography or outdoor shoots, it is important to know your target audience and have a clear idea of your requirements in terms of budget and style.

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