5 Ways to Create Highly Valuable Written Blog Content

What would blow your mind when you read an article, a book or any other printed material? Our answer would definitely be the content and flow of the whole story and the passion towards writing that work of art. When reading an article or a book the first few words or paragraphs can determine whether it would be read until the end or not. You can choose to take the shortcut when writing and end up with poor content that would take you nowhere or you can put in all your time and effort to write a mind blowing blog content that can help you build a remarkable brand.

We know what it means to create great content and we would really like to help someone out when it comes to creating amazing written word. Creativity unleashes itself in multiple ways and written content is just one of them. There are billions of combinations of words you can use to create a beautiful story or blog post and putting that together might take some time and a lot of practice. Let the team here at ThunderQuote help you out with that today!

There are many ways to write and every form of print or digital material has it’s own style. You should have a good flexibility in the way you write so that you are able to write for 2-3 different types of content. 

What does it take for valuable blog content creation?

It is never nice to steal people’s work and make it yours. Not only is this ethically wring, it will also be picked up by Google and you will be punished for it. With Google’s algorithms update, if you keep copying and pasting articles from others your SEO ranking will be highly affected. Everything about your blog content creation should be original from the title to the keywords and content. If you are stuck with ideas, stop for a while, read some articles online, ease your mind and start writing again for fresh new ideas and great quality content. Besides that, with new and original ideas and novel content, you will be able to get more people to read your blog. Readers will highly likely not continue reading an article that they have seen somewhere else. So to capture the attention of more people be sure to create great content. Do not find the easy way out to write poorly as it will affect your returns and reputation as well.

Grammar and vocabulary should also be taken very seriously here. If you want to be established as an industry leader, you need to be able to get your point across with perfect English. No one wants to read an article that looks like it’s written by a preschooler. Hire editors or professional writers to ensure that the content is original as well as being able to come across seamlessly to the readers.

If you come across an article that says, “A Big Sale is Coming Soon and Close To You”, and titles as simple as “Breaking News”, you are sure to continue reading on the article. A good headline sparks the interest in people making them wanting to know the full story of it. Therefore, be sure that in blog content creation you have good headlines ready to entice your readers. Not only that, make sure it is in line with your content to keep up with your momentum. Also, include and create spectacular sub headlines that generates curiosity amongst your readers.

Headline revamping should be done by your content marketing team once every 3-4 months. Gather all the articles that are doing poorly and make sure you figure out why. Most of the time it’s because the headline is boring and does not entice the reader enough. Tweak it a little here and there and watch your traffic skyrocket!

When you are writing always place yourself in your reader’s shoes. Have in mind what your readers will be looking for at the end of your article? Will they be satisfied with your blog content creation? A Great targeted content will provide your readers information that they are able to apply in their daily lives. It should provide them with the best ways on how the can materialise your article later on. Give readers enough tips and examples on how they can apply the information that they have been provided with. In return they will feel contented and satisfied with  your blog and are sure to trust your blog in the future. 

Being able to build up a fan base is extremely important because when it comes to blogs, you need a constant flow of readers to be able to sustain it. Getting high numbers for organic searches is your main goal as well as having thousands of readers a month. Great quality content will definitely allow for that to happen!

90% of information that is transmitted to our brains are visuals. So add catchy and appropriate videos to your blog to further increase the likeliness of readers. Use pictures, videos or even diagrams to further illustrate your point and for further understanding. Rich media has been proven to increase traffic and reach multiple times. So it must be time for you to start working on it as well!

By adding images and videos you create a better reading experience and it is also a great content marketing tactic. We must be sure to always improve our marketing tactics because the people around us are always upgrading themselves as technology gets better by the day. Adding pictures and videos is definitely a content marketing tactic and a good way to spice up your blog for better conversions.

No one has time for long-winded articles that do not get to the point. The general attention span of a human being is usually 8 seconds to 20 minutes. So this way you know that you need to be able to catch their attention immediately and be able to deliver your promise that you made in the first 3 sentences.

Remember you are looking at quality content which can be used for blog content marketing. Therefore be precise and and straight to the point. There is nothing better than reading a short article that is packed full with information which is why we should sometimes not be too focused on the word count but rather the content and quality of writing. 

Writing and publishing great content can be tricky sometimes with everyone doing the same thing at once. But there will always be a spot for you and your brand online if you make the conscious effort to stand out and we believe that if you follow these tips, you will blaze your own path.

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