The Best Video Production Companies in Australia

Video production companies are passionate about creating creative and effective video communication, whether it is to promote, educate or entertain. Video is where it’s at and if you’re not using video as part of your marketing activities yet, it’s time to start!

In the past year alone, Facebook has averaged more than 1 billion video views each day making video the visual content of choice for most consumers. But there are standalone video production companies that are creating wonders in the world of media and production. Video production companies not only look into video marketing, marketing video production and act as a video production agency, they strive towards identifying young talents. By 2016, one forecast predicts digital video ad spending will be reaching $5.4 billion.  

Good Eye Deer

Good Eye Deer is a leading video production company with studios in Newcastle, Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. They are internationally recognised and multi award-winning company. They are specialized in custom-build visual media in helping to achieve specific business objectives. Good Eye Deer also connects you with your audience through powerful, visual stories that matter. Their areas of specialisation are the creation of TV commercials, promotional videos and educational resources.

Shakespeare Media

Shakespeare Media is a video production company that can make all types of corporate videos that are useful for a variety of purposes. Tutorials and internal training videos are great teaching tools. Shakespeare Media also specialises in new product launch. They also look into mobile videos, talk shows and recruitment videos.

Rocket Productions

Rocket production company excels in video production. They are an award winning video production company. From script to screen, Rocket production can assist in video branding, TVCs (TV commercials), corporate video production, event videos, animation, online video production and more. Rocket Productions is a company that has propelled itself to new heights by means of innovative production methods and extremely personable staff. Rocket staff is chillingly efficient, tearing through daily tasks like a butcher knife through several rolls of toilet paper.

Trapdoor Productions

Trapdoor Productions is a video marketing agency based in Sydney, Australia, that focuses on producing captivating content for their clients by taking a visionary approach. By blending effective strategy with a highly creative initiative, Trapdoor Productions has created an impressive portfolio since its inception in 2006. Utilizing a three-step production process that ends in post-production, Trapdoor Productions takes the initial client brief, and then begins the brainstorming process where an effective solution is then carved out for each project. Backed by a close-knit team of professional film-makers, Trapdoor Productions has worked with a wide array of clients, both locally and internationally, ranging from small upstarts to global corporations.

Redefine Media

Redefine Media is an agency that creates high-quality, budget-friendly videos for their clients. The first step of their process is to understand their clients’ businesses and what they want to achieve with film. By doing this, they can decide which style of corporate videos will be most effective for their clients. This firm will then find the best professionals who are the right fit to bring their clients’ videos to life. Then the magic begins. Their clients’ videos are filmed, edited and delivered to them on time and within budget.

1 Minute Media

When it comes to crafting a message and getting it out into the world, 1 Minute Media truly excels. After all, their motto is that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. With this kind of ethos, it’s not difficult to see that the company places a high premium on the effects of the visual arts. Each project is approached with reverence, allowing the team to strategise and get to know each brand that they will be representing. As far as making a solid first impression goes, it’s difficult to think of a company that does it better.

In The Thicket

In The Thicket is a video production company that has routinely appeared on lists detailing some of the best video production companies in the country. When In The Thicket picks up a new client to begin work on a project, their primary goal is to help the client develop their idea and refine it so that it is fully ready for display in front of the camera. In The Thicket is also fully capable of taking the reins themselves to quickly complete a project.

Scope Productions

Scope Productions is rated as one of the best video production companies based out of Newtown in Sydney, Australia. The goal of the company is to create effective communications strategies that entertain and inform. Scope is experienced in putting together corporate videos, promotional videos, training videos, commercials, and multimedia presentations. The company does not only deal with videos, but also puts together still photograph projects and plans, schedules, and coordinates event management. Scope’s clients include Coca-Cola, Red Bull, and Jim Beam.

Take One Productions

Take One Productions has been named the best video production company in its class. Servicing small to medium businesses, this video production specialist offers both TVC/branded content and corporate video along with 2D and 3D animation, hype reels, event coverage, promotional videos, website videos, and training videos. Located in Double Bay, Sydney and established in 1980, this top-rated firm has a long-standing reputation for creating unique and engaging content for a variety of platforms.

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