15 Small Business Marketing Strategies You Can Easily Pick Up

Do you feel like you’ve run out of ideas for your business? That’s completely normal. Some companies may reach a deadlock pretty early on in their career. However, it’s totally fine. Some of the great ideas have already been thought out and executed. We have come up with a short list of 15 small business marketing strategies that you can easily pick up so that you can implement them fast to ensure that your marketing department reaches its goals better.

Here are some easy yet powerful business marketing strategies that you can incorporate in your business or organization.

Create and publish great content. What you say about your business matters as people need to know what you are offering! 

  • Good content is always the best way to start to get your brand out there. Brand marketing is extremely important because without a brand, how is anyone supposed to know what services you’re trying to offer?
  • Try to curate good content weekly so that you can build a good base readership that will allow you to become a thought leader in your industry circle.

Have a blog and constantly update it with articles that will benefit your business marketing.

  • A blog is a great way to showcase your content because it’s easy to set up and once it’s set up, it is also easy to maintain.
  • Use websites like WordPress to get started. Allow some time for you and your team to get used to it.
  • Post a few articles first and then start sharing your blog. This way you have a small arsenal of articles that can be used as buffer for your first few readers.

Create a website. The best way for a person to learn more about you and your products is being able to scroll through and read anytime, anywhere.

  • A website is something that every business definitely requires. We have mentioned this multiple times in so many articles and we cannot reiterate this point enough.
  • Everyone is online now, you need a website or else you will fall back and your competitors will then have a chance to take over the industry.

Create business marketing brochures, sometimes old-school marketing can help you to reach out to those who are not so into technology

  • Guerrilla marketing tactics have made a huge deal over the marketing world in the past few years and it doesn’t hurt to go back to old-school marketing tactics.
  • It’s better to spear and net a large pool of people rather than just staying online all the time when it comes to marketing.

Print hundreds of name cards and pass it to anyone you meet. Every card that is passed means the more people learn about you.

  • This might seem redundant in 2017, but trust us, there are people out there that will appreciate a good name card.
  • It isn’t hard to make anymore and there is never harm in trying, right?

Giveaway printed balloons of your company name at events or even leave them on cars (am sure you have at least once got a balloon left on your car)

  • This is another example of guerrila marketing that would work because it gets everyone excited!
Source: creativepossibility.com.au

Give free classes or workshops about your products or services

  • People always say that it’s good to share your knowledge and especially in the world of business where the claws come out often, it’s better to be able to share your knowledge so that you can make the industry a better place.
  • There is no harm in sharing some of the insights you have gotten over the years.
  • This can easily catapult you and your brand to thought leaders because people appreciate it when you give back!

Always include media in your company events to gain free publicity

Use social media to market. Social media is a powerful tool for marketing, you have Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and many more to choose from

  • This would definitely be our favourite type of marketing to work with.
  • However, there is so much to learn about social media marketing and it is definitely a trial and error type marketing device.

Develop business partnerships and do cross-promotions with them or other businesses

  • Having partnerships is extremely important because now you have two sets of clients you can get your business from.
  • Plus you never know when you might need help and vice versa! It’s always good to have friends and a great support system within the industry itself.

Participate in local business or trade fairs to reach out to more customers

  • Nothing beats actually going down there yourself and putting yourself out there.
  • If potential clients see the bosses and CEO’s of big firms participating at trade fairs, they would definitely pay more attention!

Learn to create short but powerful PowerPoint sales presentation

  • A great skill level for PowerPoint presentations is essential to showcase your product or services to the masses on a much larger scale.
  • This will show others that you have great presenting skills which is a must-have for any businessman.

Apply for business awards, a recognition received will definitely put you in demand

  • This might seem a little weird, but most awards need people to step up to apply first before they can go up and check you out to see that you deserve the award.
  • By doing so, you are allowing your brand to gain more exposure!

Learn what are the biggest blunders and improvise them

  • Learning from your mistakes is something anyone can benefit from. Have a clear plan on how you can analyse your business and find mistakes so that you won’t make them twice.

Advertise your business anywhere and everywhere you can

  • Like we said earlier, having your brand plastered everywhere is one of the best ways to get noticed!

Getting your business recognised might take a long time, but it will take that one amazing marketing strategy to break the glass ceiling. Keep going at it and we hope that this short list would have helped you get some ideas on how to break into the industry!

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