The Ultimate Guide For Your Office Renovation

Your office is a reflection of your business! Whether you’re considering minor upgrades to furniture or fixtures or a major office redesign, renovations have been proven to have a positive impact on productivity. Your office is a representation of your company. In order for you to project a professional and positive image, your office needs a renovation guide.

An office refurbishment or renovation may seem like a monumental task to undertake, but a properly considered fit-out can bring about long-lasting benefits for a company and their employees. We will take a look at what are the ultimate guides for your office renovatio n in this article.

Planning your renovation

The planning stage is crucial and for a successful renovation you need to have proper planning. Smart planning in the early stages gives you an opportunity for a successful office renovation. In order to get the most out of your renovation you will need to define specific goals or plans that you expect from the construction project, you need to have a proactive approach. Whether you are creating a modern effect or increasing the function of the space, it’s important to inform your project manager of your needs and come up with renovation checklist as well as renovation advice. Planning accordingly at the early stages ensures that all aspects of the project will be completed without delay.

Assembling a team

Before you even start your renovation, you need to have a look at the scope of work needed. Decide if you want to remain in the space and work around the renovation, or your office will need to temporarily relocate. If you have to set up a temporary office then create a moving team. The team should include staff members who would like to be involved in the transition process, a primary contact for employee questions, and your chosen construction project manager and design team.

Conducting Market Research

Assessing your current building situation is necessary before you are starting a renovation. Asking for employee input on the project will be an added advantage. They will have some great ideas and they will appreciate being a part of the process. If your office is in a high rise building then you may want to consult businesses on other levels that have recently renovated. A consultant will be able to help with the entire process and also to discuss the renovation checklist and renovation advice before they quote your project, but it’s helpful for the business to see what others have done in similar office spaces and get an idea about time frames. Do research in magazines, books, and on the internet, and look at what other people have done to their office. When you’re talking to a renovation company, it’s important that you be able to communicate your vision as clearly as possible.

Plan your relocation

Working during a renovation is possible for some projects, but a relocation is suggested to keep productivity high and employees happy. You can find many temporary office spaces to suit a variety of needs and a large number of employees. Some rental spaces are move in ready, with computer and phone systems in place so you can have a smooth transition into the new space.


Contingency Plan

You always need a contingency plan if there is a crisis. Problems can arise even with the most detailed project plans. Set aside a contingency budget of 10% of the total renovation costs for possible setbacks. Ensure that the temporary office space is available past your expected finish date in case you need to extend your stay. In almost every office renovation project, there are unexpected elements and variables that emerge. Sometimes unexpected bad weather can delay the delivery of materials and office furniture. A solid contingency plan and  contingency budget will ensure that these do not derail your project.Plan ahead and follow the exact renovation guide if you are considering undergoing an office renovation. Proactive planning and preparation will make the renovation process easier for all parties and will greatly decrease the chance of any unexpected issues from arising.

Health and safety aspect

You can even use your renovation as an opportunity to remove potential health and safety hazards.  Old carpet is a source of bacteria and dust that can compromise the well-being of even your healthiest employees.  If you’re in an old building, you may find it’s insulated with asbestos which can be removed during renovation.  Likewise, during your renovation, you can choose materials and paint that have fewer chemicals thereby improving air quality in your office.

Furniture Is Essential

Internal fittings  as well as furniture’s plays a vital role as well.  As important as it is to match the style of your theme, it’s just as essential that you select reliable products. Visit a showroom or even other offices to get an idea of how you your office to be. Sometimes it is always good to be creative and explore something different.

Regardless of your goals or your budget, there are also a wide range of positive outcomes associated with a renovation. You will have time to think about so many other things.You’ll even benefit from creating a healthier environment for your staff and customers.

Remember a renovated office space can easily help enhance your professional image and imbued yourself and your co- workers with confidence, and also giving you that competitive edge over the competition. Best of all, the expected increased in sales and profit margin alone, as a result of your enhanced corporate image, is often enough to justify your renovation investment.

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